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September 2015 Edition

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ReSharper 9.2 and More ReSharper Ultimate Updates

ReSharper 9.2 and More ReSharper Ultimate Updates

ReSharper 9.2 comes with improved Visual Studio 2015 integration, support for TypeScript 1.5 and ECMAScript 6, reworked Go to Usages navigation pop-up, better compatibility with Windows 10 Developer Tools, and a brand new feature: Run Configurations.

ReSharper C++ 1.1 learns to run and manage unit tests written with Google Test, adds two new refactorings, Include Hierarchy view, new code inspections and quick-fixes, and introduces a set of performance improvements. Read about ReSharper C++ 1.1 and ReSharper 9.2 Ultimate updates!

Meet PyCharm Edu 2: Simple is Better Than Complex

Meet PyCharm Edu 2: Simple is Better Than Complex

PyCharm Edu 2 is the newest release of our free and easy-to-use IDE for learning and teaching programming with Python. Inspired by the motto, "Simple is better than complex" from The Zen of Python, PyCharm Edu 2 introduces an even simpler user interface with brand new features to help novice programmers become professionals more quickly than ever before. See what's new in PyCharm Edu 2 and download today.

Live Webinar: Upsource in Action

Live Webinar: Upsource in Action

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the smartest code review tool in action! In our first ever Upsource webinar featuring Trisha Gee, you'll learn how you can have lightweight transparent code reviews and relieve the burden of daily routine. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek of upcoming features. Register now and join us September 29th.

Product News and Releases

CLion 1.1 and 1.1.1 — The second release of our new cross-platform C/C++ IDE shows a good balance between stabilization, performance improvements, and new features. It brings a massive C++ parser overhaul, LLDB on OS X, and predefined code styles.

AppCode 3.2 — AppCode 3.2 delivers a better Swift development experience and includes a host of Swift productivity features like Override/Implement, Quick Documentation with inferred type, and Swift debugger.

Kotlin M13 — Welcome Kotlin M13! This release brings reflection, annotation targeting, improved lambda debugging, synthetic properties for Java getters/setters, and a bunch of other language and tooling improvements.

PhpStorm 9.5 Development Roadmap — PhpStorm 9.5 will include full PHP 7 support, interactive debug console, and many other features. The release is currently planned for Q4 2015.

New Era for RubyMotion and RubyMine Partnership — The recently released RubyMotion 4.0 brings 100% free starter edition, and RubyMotion integration in RubyMine is now available on GitHub under the Open Source license.

Learning Resources, Trainings and Webinars

TypeScript and JavaScript in ReSharper 9.2 — We're enhancing support for ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript 1.5. ReSharper now provides support for regular expressions in JavaScript and TypeScript code. Two small but useful features: Import completion and Go to type of symbol.

How to Instantly Profile any Method in Your Code with ReSharper and dotTrace — Find out how you can optimize the performance of individual static methods directly from Visual Studio with ReSharper's run configurations and dotTrace.

Memory Testing on a CI Server. dotMemory Unit Standalone Launcher — Explore .NET memory testing on a continuous integration server. dotMemory Unit 2.0 introduces standalone launcher and TeamCity plugin that adds support for memory testing calls to all .NET test runner types.

Unit Testing C++ with Google Test — Dmitri Nesteruk walks you through unit testing C++ code with Google Test framework and ReSharper C++. Alternatively, you can watch a video.

Why Write Automated Tests? — Read the new article by Trisha Gee on the value of automated tests and how to convince your colleagues to write them.

Benchmarking TeamCity — Guess how many build agents can be handled by TeamCity server? The answer is: 500 agents by a single TeamCity server during synthetic tests. Find out more about the results and how to run benchmarks on your server.

Case Study: YouTrack at Rostelecom-Integracija — Rostelecom-Integracija develops software solutions for Rostelecom, the biggest telecommunications company in Russia. Hear about their experience implementing YouTrack across several agile teams.

Maintaining Consistent Code Style in WebStorm — More readable code and fewer errors. Learn about the various approaches to maintaining a consistent code style in a JavaScript project and how WebStorm can help you with this task.

Monthly Technological Highlights

C++ Annotated: Summer Edition — The first edition of our new C++ Annotated is now available on our blog and covers various C++ related topics. Everyone is invited to subscribe.

Java Annotated Monthly: September 2015 —Java Annotated covers all the latest news and releases on our radar. Each month, we hand pick the best content from around the Java community.

PHP Annotated Monthly: September 2015 — JetBrains' developer advocate Gary Hockin highlights the most interesting PHP content from around the web, posted by developers like us.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

Meanwhile ...ReSharper 10 EAP Kicks Off — We've just opened our EAP for ReSharper 10. The first build introduces initial JSX support, improved support for TypeScript 1.6 and JavaScript regular expressions, along with a set of important fixes for IntelliSense and ReSharper Command Line Tools.

RubyMine 8 EAP Now Open — This major release is primarily focused on improving the core Ruby and Rails development support features: performance, debugger, refactorings, code formatter, etc. Learn more and try the most recent EAP build.

CLion 1.2 EAP Begins — We've recently announced CLion 1.2 roadmap and the first CLion 1.2 EAP build is already here! Find Include CMake command support, debugger performance improvements and more tasty features inside.

AppCode 3.3 EAP Gets Underway — AppCode 3.3 EAP starts with the initial Xcode 7 support, including Objective-C generics, nullability keywords and Swift support improvements. Learn about these and other new features in our blog post.


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JUnit Lambda

JUnit Lambda
JetBrains has become a sponsor of the JUnit Lambda campaign, aimed at shaping the future of testing on the JVM. Learn why it matters and help spread the word!

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