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November 2015 Edition
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JetBrains Toolbox Launches with Simultaneous Updates for All Desktop Tools

JetBrains Toolbox Launches, Updates for All Desktop Tools

Last week was probably the most important one for us in all of 2015.
On the November 2nd we launched JetBrains Toolbox, our new subscription-based licensing model, and simultaneously released feature updates for all of our desktop products! Our shiny new releases include: ReSharper Ultimate 10, IntelliJ IDEA 15, PhpStorm 10, WebStorm 11, PyCharm 5, RubyMine 8, AppCode 3.3, and CLion 1.2.

An important addition to JetBrains Toolbox, the introduction of an 'All Products' plan, allows you to use all of the products above. We invite you to review JetBrains Toolbox pricing and terms & conditions at

Learn about your favorite products in these upcoming webinars.


Speeding up MSBuild: Tips, Tricks and ReSharper Build, Nov. 12 - Register for this webinar to learn how .NET applications are built using MSBuild and what can be done to make them build faster. Find out how ReSharper 10's new ReSharper Build feature can dramatically cut the time it takes to build.

Speeding up MSBuild: Tips, Tricks and ReSharper Build

What's New in RubyMine 8, Nov 17 - Join Wes Higbee and Tatiana Vasilyeva to learn about managing gems with Rbenv gemsets, more fine-tuned debugging and productive coding, and web development with Angular 2 and TypeScript in RubyMine 8.

What's New in RubyMine 8 Webinar

What's New in PhpStorm 10, Nov 19 - PhpStorm 10 brings significant improvements in PHP language support, editing experience, debugging, code analysis, and many other powerful features. Let us guide you through all the major features and improvements.

What's New in PhpStorm 10 Webinar

Continuous Integration with JavaScript, Dec 2 - Join the webinar hosted by Wes Higbee to learn about building and deploying JavaScript applications with TeamCity. Wes will also cover dependency management, use of module bundlers, and unit testing.

Continuous Integration with JavaScript Webinar

Product News and Releases

Kotlin 1.0 Beta — The modern JVM-targeted programming language from JetBrains hit 1.0 Beta! We are wrapping up the preparations to the official release. The binary format is finalized and all major language changes have been made.

TeamCity Hub Plugin Released — Introducing the first version of the TeamCity plugin that provides integration with JetBrains Hub. Install it for authentication via Hub, user details synchronization, and for single sign-on (SSO).

Special Thanks & CLion 1.5 Roadmap — In this post we give our special thanks to the top CLion EAP contributors and share our plans for the next CLion 1.5 release. Read what's coming.

Clear Measure, A JetBrains Training & Consulting Partner — In this interview with Jeffrey Palermo, CEO of Clear Measure, Inc., learn about current trends in developer tools and how JetBrains products such as TeamCity and ReSharper can help you take advantage of existing business opportunities.

Raffling Ticket for Meeting C++ 2015 — Meeting C++ 2015 is sold out. But one ticket is still left! And we are raffling it right now. Fill out the form before November 17 and get a chance to visit a great conference in Berlin this December!

Meet JetBrains at Apps World — The Apps World event returns to Excel, London. A leading multi-platform event in the app industry, Apps World features 350 exhibitors and is expected to attract 10,000+ attendees. Meet our JetBrains team there!

Monthly Technological Highlights

PHP Annotated Monthly: November 2015 — November is here and we are well into the autumn conference season. Last month has seen a plethora of news including the imminent release of PHP 7. Check out this exciting November edition.

Java Annotated Monthly: November 2015 — In this special issue of the Java Annotated Monthly, you'll get an inside look at the latest news from JavaOne. We'll share all the latest Java developments, fresh from the source.

Learning Resources, Trainings and Webinars

Google Test Support in CLion 1.2 — CLion 1.2 brings Google Test support that includes the powerful built-in test runner (various sorting, navigation and additional features), and code generation in tests. Read more in our blog and watch the demo.

Functional Programming with Kotlin — Mike Hearn provides a brief introduction to programming via Kotlin via worked, practical examples, with a focus on functional programming.

Kotlin Koans — Kotlin Koans are a series of exercises to get you familiar with the Kotlin Syntax. Learn Kotlin hands-on by solving Kotlin Koans online, earn badges and share on Twitter!

Kotlin for Android Developers — Antonio Leiva has completed the first book about Kotlin and Android. Learn Kotlin the easy way by example and discover the tricks that will make coding easier.

PhpStorm 10 Feature Highlights — PhpStorm 10 release brings many new outstanding features and enhancements. Uncover the power of these new features: Dataflow Analysis, PHPUnit 5 and Docker support, and in-place rename refactoring.

Thread Concurrency Visualization in PyCharm 5 — Take full control over your multi-threaded applications with the brand-new Thread Concurrency Visualization. Here's how to get started.

Educational Plugin for PyCharm 5 —Go through interactive programming courses with Python using a real professional development environment, and easily switch to professional Python, Django or Scientific projects afterwards.

CheckiO Integration in PyCharm Edu — CheckiO is a learning platform and gamified website teaching problem solving with Python. Combine the easy learning curve of CheckiO with the power of our pro tool for Python programming.

Node.js Coding Assistance in WebStorm 11 — It's now easier to begin working with Node.js projects. Learn about simplified Node.js configuration and new inspections for Node.js apps.


Did you know?

More than 250,000 lines of Kotlin code have been written in production of IntelliJ IDEA, YouTrack and other products.

JetBrains Event in Munich, Germany on November 25th

JetBrains Event in Munich, Germany on November 25th
Are you in Munich on November 25th? Join us for a fun and informal evening of IntelliJ IDEA, Kotlin and 0xDBE. Learn what's new in the latest releases, pick up new tips & tricks, and much more. Space is limited and registration is required.

»  Learn more and register now.


» ReSharper Webinar, Nov 12
» RubyMine Webinar, Nov 17
» Apps World, Nov 18-19
» PhpStorm Webinar, Nov 19
» php[world] 2015, Nov 18-20
» CI w/ JavaScript, Dec 2
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