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December 2015


IntelliJ IDEA 15 Released, Adds Kotlin to the Family of Supported JVM Languages. IntelliJ IDEA 15 brings a rich set of new features: better user interface, further improved coding assistance across supported languages and frameworks, and out-of-the-box support for Kotlin. Learn what's new in IntelliJ IDEA 15 release and download today.

Upsource 2.5: Smarter Email Notifications, Discussion Labels and Redesigned Review Page. Upsource 2.5 is significantly faster and noticeably smarter. It introduces a redesigned Review page, smart email notifications with a reply-by-email option, discussion labels, a brand new Branches page, and of course a number of improvements in the IDE plugin.

JetBrains Student License Program Update. To date, more than 230,000 students have received free licenses and that number is growing each and every day. In this blog post we provide information on renewing your Student License and announce a 25% Graduation Discount.


JetBrains: The Drive to Develop — Please Welcome Our New Branding

Last week we unveiled JetBrains' new brand to the world. As part of the rollout we've released product updates that incorporate the branding. Learn about the reasoning behind our decision and be sure to visit the all-new


Product News and Releases

CLion 1.2.2 addresses debugger (GDB) performance problems, CMake 3.4 support, code generation and language support fixes, and Search Everywhere with C/C++ project symbols.

AppCode 3.3.2 brings support for AppleTV simulators, expression evaluation and watches for Swift debugger, and performance improvements for Swift projects.

RubyMine 8.0.2 release introduces the following fixes: Rbenv gemsets support improvements, correct do/end autocompletion in spec files, more intelligent YAML syntax highlighting, and Extract Partial refactoring available for HTML code in .erb files.

PhpStorm 10.0.2 includes improved code completion in primitive types, keywords and paths, new inspections as variable variable usage, and new formatter options.

TeamCity 9.1.4 bugfix release provides 120+ improvements and refinements including Amazon EC2 integration and in .NET platform support.

Kotlin 1.0 Beta 3 is now available including bug fixes, performance improvements and future-proof checks. Currently, we're working towards finalizing the standard library and getting rid of old deprecated constructs in the language.

YouTrack Inception Roadmap — Our team has a short and precise plan for this release that includes a completely redesigned Agile board with a new concept and live update, enhanced backlog management, project templates and more.

Monthly Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: December — It has been an exciting year for Java developers, and in this issue of the Java Annotated we highlight the biggest releases of the year and forecast emerging development trends for 2016.

PHP Annotated Monthly: December — With the Holiday season fast approaching, and the game-changing release of PHP 7, we have a lot to cover in this edition.

C++ Annotated: Autumn — This autumn was full of remarkable events like CppCon 2015, CMake and Cfront birthday celebrations. There’s been hot news from the Visual C++ team, interesting episodes of CppCast, new articles on CLion+Arduino, and Microsoft C++ Compiler. Catch up on the latest news.

Learning Resources, Trainings and Webinars

Continuous Testing with dotCover and ReSharper Ultimate — Watch this webinar recording to learn how dotCover's long-awaited Continuous Testing works when it only runs the unit tests that affect your recently changed code.

ReSharper Build — Check out this webinar recording to learn about the best practices of dealing with MSBuild. Discover how the latest version of ReSharper can make MSBuild skip useless rebuilds and only compile your Visual Studio projects when truly necessary.

Optimizing Load Balancing in PLINQ with ReSharper Ultimate — If you are developing .NET applications, learn how ReSharper's run configurations and dotTrace Timeline profiling can help you optimize parallel LINQ for efficient load balancing.

Applying Genetic Algorithms to Automatic Code Formatting — With dozens of standard code styles in the modern C++ world, extracting a set of code formatting options from actual formatted code can be tricky. Learn how we’ve solved the problem with genetic algorithms.

Working with QuantLib in CLion — QuantLib is а famous ореn-sоurсе quаntitаtivе finаnсе librаry. Learn about how it саn bе соnfigurеd for usе in СLiоn, as well as some notes about Boost compilation via CMake.

What's New in PhpStorm 10 — Gary Hockin demonstrates the features and major improvements brought in PhpStorm 10. These include PHP 7 support, Dataflow Analysis, Interactive Debug Console, and more.

PhpStorm 10: New Features and Improvements — In our ongoing blog series, learn about database tool enchantments, improved code completion during debugging, and how PhpStorm can help to make your code PHP 7 ready.

Mastering PyCharm: An Interview with Quazi Nafiul Islam — Published a month ago, Mastering PyCharm reveals best development practices using PyCharm. We took the opportunity to chat with Nafiul about his experience, get his opinion on a variety of topics and discuss his vision.

Python 3.5 Type Hinting in PyCharm 5 — Python 3.5 introduces type hinting to help you write more maintainable code during the development process. Learn about this feature and see it in action.

What's New in RubyMine 8 — Watch the recording of our webinar with Tatiana Vasilyeva and Wes Higbee to find out what’s new in RubyMine 8.

Continuous Integration with JavaScript — This webinar recording covers continuous integration with TeamCity for modern JavaScript apps, from building and bundling the app to unit testing and deployment.

TeamCity and NUnit 3: On the Same Wavelength — Find out why a TeamCity developer is mentioned as one of the key contributors in NUnit 3 release notes.

Automating Deployments with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy — Learn about using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy for automating your software deployments.

TeamCity Digest #2 — iOS continuous deployment with TeamCity, an online course about beautiful builds, tips for running TeamCity in Azure, automating Unity builds – read this and more in the latest TeamCity Digest.

Why Being Agile Doesn't Need to Be Agile — You may constantly need to change direction quickly, but does that mean you need to adopt an Agile methodology? Gary Hockin takes us on this trip of truths and fallacies.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

ReSharper 10.0.2 — Following the initial bug-fix update in ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.1, the .NET team keeps working to smooth out the rough edges. Version 10.0.2 is currently available for early access and expected to release later this month.