JetBrains Newsletter

July 2016


IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 is Here!

Join us in welcoming IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2. In this update you'll find lots of new features and long-awaited enhancements that include an improved debugger, refined user interface and updated coding assistance across the supported languages and frameworks.

We invite you to join Trisha Gee for our live webinar on July 27th, What's New in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2, where we'll deep-dive into the new features of this release.

PhpStorm 2016.2

PhpStorm 2016.2 is now available and delivers improved type inference, strict type inspection for PHP 7, smart type code completion, reworked unused imports inspection, Joomla! support, and many more enhancements.

WebStorm 2016.2

WebStorm 2016.2, the second major update this year, brings support for the upcoming TypeScript 2.0 features, improvements in React support, integration with Angular CLI, support for jspm imports, and new intentions for upgrading to ES6.

Java Annotated Monthly: July Edition

Java Annotated Monthly: July Edition

Whether you like to branch out into other JVM languages, or prefer to get deep knowledge in "classic" Java, there's always more to learn in our Java-flavored world, and this issue aims to give you some summer holiday reading. But the most exciting news this month is a double-whammy: IntelliJ IDEA is the top IDE, according to the latest Developer Productivity Report, and we have a new version of IntelliJ IDEA! Read our July edition.


Product News and Releases

TeamCity on Docker Hub – It's now official! JetBrains has released authorized Docker images for TeamCity server and agent. The images are ready-to-use, contain the latest version of the software, and will be kept updated. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Hub 3.0 development roadmap was announced and includes: LDAP support improvements, Go to action feature, and usability and dashboard improvements.

Kotlin 1.0.3 tackles bugs, and adds tooling improvements and performance boosts.

Technological Highlights

PHP Annotated Monthly: July — Zend Framework 3's release, news from the land of Laravel and Symfony, controlling Minecraft from PHP, and drinking wine. Get a load of all that and more in July's roundup of posts from the PHP community.

Learning Resources

Refactoring with IntelliJ IDEA — Bill Wake of Industrial Logic takes us through refactoring in IntelliJ IDEA in this webinar recording and includes the code sample.

Docker for PHP Developers — Chris Tankersley shares with us how to make it easier to build, test, and deploy distributed applications with Docker.

Debugging VVV Vagrant Setup with PhpStorm — We've recently made a lot of changes to debugging in PhpStorm to make the process as simple as possible. Gary Hockin shows us how he figured out what needed to be changed to make this debugging scenario work in PhpStorm.

10 Tips for Pythonic Code — The recording of this highly rated webinar featuring Michael Kennedy is now available along with the code and script for each step.

Mobile Development with RubyMotion — Laurent Sansonetti, the founder of HipByte and the original developer of RubyMotion, announced the first release of Flow and made an inspiring demo in RubyMine during the webinar.

CLion for Embedded Development — Ilya Motornyy, DIY Electronics and Embedded Programming Enthusiast, shares his experience about developing for microcontrollers in CLion.

Interview with Jon Kalb — Read our interview with Jon Kalb, CppCon Chair and C++ instructor. Jon shares his view on the state of C++17 state, and how the C++ community differs from others. There is also a story about a C++ kitten!

Bica Studios TeamCity Case Study — Find out how TeamCity helps the team at Bica Studios, a Portugal-based mobile game development company, perfect the production process and skyrocket their confidence in the build results.

Custom Workflows in Upsource — Learn how to automate routine code review tasks in Upsource using "Custom Workflow" triggers.

Early Access Program News

CLion 2016.2 brings long-awaited performance improvements in the debugger, LLDB on Linux and remote debug support for GDB.

AppCode 2016.2 now includes Introduce Variable refactoring for Swift, together with parameter placeholders in completion for Swift methods and functions.

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.2 — Fixes and new functionality continue to be added to ReSharper Ultimate products due for release at the end of summer. One of the latest highlights is structural navigation in Visual Studio editor, letting you use Tab and Shift+Tab keystrokes to quickly move between important code elements, much like you do in your web browser.

Latest Rider Developments — While our new IntelliJ Platform-based .NET IDE is still in private EAP, we have started to post about the development team's progress. For example, latest Rider builds introduced a unit test runner that supports xUnit​.net and NUnit, added support for ASP.​NET Core, as well as new tool windows such as To-do Explorer and Stack Trace Explorer. Read and learn what you're missing if you're not taking part in private Rider EAP.