JetBrains Newsletter

April 2016


ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1

The latest ReSharper Ultimate update improves code style features; adds multiple new context actions and quick-fixes; introduces support for Visual Basic .NET 14, JSON and Node.js; runs xUnit tests natively; helps ensure correct escaping in string literals; learns to optimize NuGet references; enables To-do Explorer for C++; and integrates dotPeek's IL Viewer and dotTrace's Threads diagram into Visual Studio.

PyCharm 2016.1

PyCharm 2016.1 is the new major version of our Python IDE for professional developers. Its outstanding new features for professional Python, Web and scientific development work together smoothly to offer you a unique coding experience.

AppCode 2016.1

AppCode 2016.1 enhances its Swift parser, code folding for Swift declarations and brings a range of improvements in C++ support, CocoaPods integration and general IDE experience.

RubyMine 2016.1

RubyMine 2016.1 is the first update in the series of releases planned for 2016. This release brings support for the latest Rails 5 and Ruby 2.3, while also improving your development experience with better JavaScript and TypeScript, enhanced VCS and database tools.

Upsource 3.0: A Polyglot Code Review Tool

Upsource 3.0 has matured and evolved into a one-of-a-kind Polyglot Code Review Tool. Version 3.0 brings PHP code insight, support for GitHub pull requests, even smarter code insight, and integration of automated workflows.


Kotlin Night in San Francisco, May 17th

Announcing an evening of Kotlin in San Francisco on May 17th, the day before Google I/O 2016, where you can learn about the latest developments around this trending language. The event is organized by JetBrains, Realm, Netflix, Kotlin ∪ Android and Bay Area Kotlin User Group. Free registration is required, but no prior knowledge of Kotlin is needed to attend.


Product News and Releases

Kotlin Roadmap It's been almost two months since Kotlin 1.0 was released. The team is now switching from stabilization and bug fixes to new feature work, so it's a great time to talk about our plans for the future. Explore Kotlin Post-1.0 Roadmap and plans for Android in particular.

CLion 2016.2 Roadmap — Take a look at the preliminary plan for CLion 2016.2 that includes remote debug, Doxygen, and CMake improvements.

Supporting Sea Lions — We've joked about a marine mammal coming to every license holder on April 1st, but there is a true story in the background.

Java Champions Get IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Free — Are you a Java Champion? Get IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for free. Learn more in this blog post.

TeamCity AWS CodeDeploy Runner Plugin — Your application can now be automatically deployed directly to your fleet of EC2 instances, on-premises instances or both in the scope of the CodeDeploy application.

TeamCity Digest #5 — Check out the fifth TeamCity Digest with the latest TeamCity-related articles and blog posts.

Monthly Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: April — Read the latest news about Project Jigsaw, Javaslang, Android, Reactive Java EE and other trending projects around the JVM community.

PHP Annotated Monthly: April — Spring is finally here, and the PHP conference season is in full flow. Gary Hockin rounds up the latest news from the PHP community.

Learning Resources, Training and Webinars

Free E-Book: Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET — This book offers a collection of practical tips & tricks around .NET memory management. The content is based on the hands-on experience that we've had here at JetBrains when developing ReSharper, dotCover, dotTrace, dotMemory and other tools.

Live Webinar: Designer Patters and Modern C++, May 24 — Learn how the classic Gang of Four design patterns can be improved via Modern C++. We'll talk about functional programming patterns and how C++ functional literals and lambda expressions make monads possible.

Live Webinar: WebStorm: Angular 2 Tips and Tricks, May 11 — Join our webinar featuring John Lindquist on May 11th and read our blog post to learn more about Angular 2 support in WebStorm 2016.1 and see how its new features can help you smoothly transition to Angular 2.

New Inspections for Java 8 in IntelliJ IDEA — We continue improving our coding assistance to make it friendlier to Java 8. The latest release brought lots of new inspections that help adopt Java 8.

What's New in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Spring Developers — Do you use Spring in your projects? Learn about better support for Spring MVC, Spring Data and Spring Core.

React.js From a Rails Developer's Perspective — Marcin Grzywaczewski, one of the authors of the Rails meets React.js book, gives an introduction to React for Rails developers.

PyCharm Migration Tutorial for Text Editors — Find out what it takes to switch to PyCharm if you are a Python developer using a text editor such as Vim, Emacs, or Sublime Text.

PyCharm: In-Depth Screencast on Testing — Earlier this year we rolled out a Getting Started Series of screencasts on the basics of using PyCharm. Now we are following them with a series of more in-depth screencasts starting with Testing.

Integrate YouTrack with TMetric Time Management — Time tracking in YouTrack allows you to track time spent working on issues and create time reports. If you want to track time in multiple tools, TMetric is a good free helper.

TeamCity Take on Build Pipelines — Find out why there isn't a "build pipeline" term in the TeamCity UI, and how build chains allow for source code consistency and can save you precious build time on agents.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

MPS 3.4 EAP Begins — Taste what we're preparing for the MPS 3.4 release. The first EAP is now available and includes numerous fixes, enhancements and performance improvements.