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February 2016

JetBrains 2015 Snapshot

We have pulled together some of our 2015 highlights for your reading pleasure. How many new developers start using JetBrains products every day? How many minutes of video were viewed on our YouTube channel? What food and beverages are popular at our St. Petersburg office? Learn the answers to these questions and much more in JetBrains 2015.

Join Private EAP for Project Rider

Do you want to take part in the Early Access Program for Project Rider, the new C# IDE from JetBrains? Simply add your name to the growing list of those who have already signed up. Every subscriber will receive links to early Project Rider builds as soon as they are ready.

ReSharper Ultimate 10.1 EAP Begins

ReSharper 10.1 EAP introduces initial support for Node.js, JSON and JSON schemas, new Smart Paste feature, Invert Boolean Member refactoring and lots of new context actions, inspections and quick-fixes. ReSharper C++ 10.1 EAP features To-do Explorer, new quick-fixes, improved code generation and language support. dotPeek 10.1 EAP learns to render extension methods as instance methods, while dotTrace 10.1 EAP allows inspecting Thread diagram in Visual Studio.


Welcome Kotlin 1.0

Kotlin 1.0 is here! Our pragmatic programming language is ready for production use on the JVM and Android. JetBrainers have already written over 500,000 lines of Kotlin code that are happily running in IntelliJ IDEA, Project Rider and other products, so it's time for others to join in! Read more in this blog post.

Product News and Releases

AppCode 3.3.3 update brings support for Swift protocol extensions, improved rendering for Swift collections in debugger, new error handling intentions and quick-fixes and important performance improvements.

YouTrack 6.5.17031 is a security patch that fixes the recently discovered vulnerability to XML External Entity (XXE) attack. It affects XML-based REST API, such as user import or command intellisense API..

Hub 2.0 Roadmap — We're excited to reveal our plans for Hub 2.0 that includes dashboard sharing, SAML support, and backup. Our list of features are grouped into required, wanted and nice-to-have features. Release is planned for Q1 2016.

10 Most Wanted Features in YouTrack — Based on your votes, here's the list of most wanted YouTrack features and our product plans for them in 2016.

CLion in 2015: A Review of Feature Usage — We've gathered some statistics on CLion product usage since its release in April 2015: what is their environment, which features do they use most often, what plugins do they install?

Kotlin Digest 2015 — Check out the best Kotlin reads and videos of 2015.

InfoWorld's 2016 Technology of the Year — We were happy to learn that InfoWorld's annual technology review chose PhpStorm as one of the Technologies of the Year.

Monthly Technological Highlights

JavaScript Annotated: January — Meet JavaScript Annotated, a collection of links about JavaScript and web development, compiled by the WebStorm team.

Java Annotated Monthly: February — In this edition we review upcoming features in Java 9, new developments in Android tools, and explore interesting research being done in the Java community.

PHP Annotated Monthly: February — As cold weather takes hold in parts of the world, warm your hands with the most interesting PHP articles from around the web.

Learning Resources, Training and Webinars

YouTrack + Upsource + TeamCity Come Together — Register now for our February 17th webinar. We are going to demonstrate how our different team tools can be connected to a single entry, user and permission management point (Hub), and how you can benefit from using them together.

Implementing Continuous Delivery with JetBrains TeamCity at the Helm — Join us February 24th for a free live webinar. Learn how to set up and run a fully-capable deployment pipeline managed by TeamCity, complete with unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests, staging, deployment smoke tests, and gated & approved production deployments.

TeamCity Digest #3 — Take a look at the compilation of recent articles, posts, and videos about various TeamCity usages in the latest digest.

The Ultimate Way of Sharing Code — Sharing code with teammates made as easy as sharing links to the latest memes through a messenger.

"What to Look For in a Code Review" Book — Get useful tips & tricks on what to focus on while reviewing someone else's code by Trisha Gee. Download your free copy now!

Executable Specifications in .NET with Storyteller 3 — In this video Jeremy Miller shows how Storyteller has been built and used to alleviate the typical problems you may have suffered in past attempts at large scale automated testing.

Polyglot PyCharm for Rich Web Front-ends — The recordings of our two-part webinar series are now available. We put a lot of work into these webinars and created 10+ articles with explanations and code samples for the topics covered.

Getting Started with PyCharm Video Tutorials — This series of nine short video tutorials covers the most essential things every PyCharm user should know first.

More Languages, More Power: Python Support in CLion — CLion is known to be a cross-platform IDE for C and C++. However, Python is essential for many C and C++ projects, which is why we've introduced Python plugin in the CLion 1.5 EAP.

More Power to Debug: Attach to Local Process — CLion 1.5 EAP now allows you to debug processes, run on the same machine as CLion, by attaching to them using their pid. Learn more about the new functionality in this blog post.

IntelliJ IDEA Pro Tips — If you're familiar with basic IntelliJ IDEA features, read this guide that reveals more than 40 hidden gems of the IDE.

Setting up IntelliJ IDEA for a Go Project — Want to get started with the Go language? Learn how to set up your environment with IntelliJ IDEA.

Migrating to Java 8 — In this tutorial you'll learn how to migrate your code from Java 6 (or 7) to Java 8 with the help of IntelliJ IDEA.

Using JDK 9 with Project Jigsaw in IntelliJ IDEA — If you'd like to try JDK 9 with Project Jigsaw in IntelliJ IDEA, simply follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Debugging from the REST API Client — In PhpStorm 11 you can step-debug your REST API right from within the REST API test tool, without leaving the IDE. Step debugging API has never been easier! You can already try this feature in the EAP build.

Managing Copyright Notices in PhpStorm — The Update Copyright tool allows you to easily manage copyright notices in single or multiple files across your project.

Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment — Read a series of blog posts about experimenting with Kotlin & Android by Doug Stevenson, Senior Developer Advocate in Google.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

Preview Next CLion Version — The new CLion version will bring Python and Swift plugins, attach to local process functionality, and CMake and VCS changes. Public Preview of the next version is now available for download from our site.

RubyMine 8.5 EAP Opens — RubyMine 8.5 EAP kicks off with major new features supporting the recent Ruby 2.3 and Rails 5 releases as well as other enhancements.

PyCharm 5.1 EAP Opens — The first PyCharm 5.1 EAP build is available for download. Notable highlights include: Tox support, Optional PyPI repositories, improved code folding, debugger performance improvements, and web development improvements.

AppCode 3.4 EAP Opens — This EAP delivers support for new Swift constructions and statements, ability to set values for CoreData objects in the Swift debugger, and better source directories management via 'Mark directory as' actions.

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