JetBrains Newsletter

January 2016


Introducing Project Rider — A C# IDE

Today, at NDC London, we announced a new project that we've been working on lately – a full standalone cross-platform C# IDE, based on the IntelliJ Platform and using ReSharper technology. Under the codename Project Rider, the IDE includes a lot of functionality that you are already familiar with from ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA, such as Quick Fixes, Code Inspections, and Smart Navigation. The private EAP will be opened soon; meanwhile read this post for details.

IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP is Open

With IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP we're switching to the cycle that includes several "average" releases per year, supported by bugfix updates (instead of having one major release per year followed by one minor update). In other news IntelliJ IDEA and the whole IntelliJ Platform migrates to Java 8.

A JetBrains Report: How Developers Use Databases Today

To better understand how developers use databases today, we ran a survey gathering responses from about 2,000 developers. Read this report to find out what we learned.


DataGrip 1.0: A New IDE for DBs and SQL

For a year and a half we ran an Early Access Program for 0xDBE. At some point one needs to stop and draw the line. Please welcome DataGrip 1.0, our brand new IDE for databases and SQL!


Product News and Releases

MPS 3.3 has been released with numerous new useful capabilities added including custom language aspects, generic support for commenting out in languages, transparent handling of node attributes, reflective editor, numerous usability improvements and many others.

ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.2 is the latest update to ReSharper and other tools in the ReSharper Ultimate family. The update includes improvements to unit test runner, ReSharper Build, Stack Trace Explorer, and JavaScript and TypeScript support.

Hub 1.0.770 introduces a quick way to edit the project, Upsource 2.5 support and more.

HTTPS for Everyone — HTTPS is now available in the YouTrack InCloud Free plan.

Monthly Technological Highlights

PHP Annotated Monthly: January — Welcome to the first PHP Annotated Monthly of 2016, a year that may well become one of the most interesting and exciting in the life of PHP.

Java Annotated Monthly: January — It's been an exciting year for Java developers and in this issue we highlight the biggest releases of the year and forecast emerging development trends for 2016.

Learning Resources, Trainings and Webinars

Round-up of ReSharper 10 Extensions — Did you know there are over 60 extensions available for ReSharper 10? Read this blog post for an overview of ReSharper extensions, with functionality ranging from zen coding to spell checking and other extra code inspections.

Executable Specifications in .NET with Storyteller 3 — Storyteller 3 is a new tool for creating executable specifications for .NET development projects. In our January 21st webinar we'll show how it has been built and used to alleviate the typical problems you may have suffered in past attempts at large-scale automated testing.

Building an Order Book in C++ — In this video Dmitri Nesteruk shows how to build a sample Order Book in C++, at the same time covering CLion, Google Test and Cling.

Directories Under Your Control — If you want more control over the directories in CLion to mark them as excluded, libraries, or project files manually, take a closer look at a new feature called "Mark directory as".

Swift Plugin — With Apple open sourcing Swift, Linux developers got a chance to try Swift language on their platform of choice. But how about a Swift IDE for Linux? We've managed to take the platform-independent part of Swift support and brought it to CLion via a separate plugin. Give it a try right now.

Using Docker in PyCharm — Modern development workflows emphasize isolation and reproducability in development and production. Docker and its platform approach to containers has become very popular. With PyCharm Professional Edition 5, Docker is now supported as a remote interpreter.

New Project Management Window in PhpStorm — Everyone wants to be able to find the project they need to work on quickly and easily, so to help, PhpStorm 10 introduces the new and improved Project Management window. Now you can add your projects into group and access them easily both from welcome screen or from IDE.

Formatting Changes in PhpStorm — Recent versions of PhpStorm have bundled several interesting formatting changes, such as case statement formatting, trailing commas in arrays, blank lines around code, auto-changing case on completion and other improvements. Read more in the blogpost and try it out in your PhpStorm IDE.

Working with React in WebStorm — WebStorm has lots to offer to React developers apart from smart code completions: learn how to refactor components, set up ESLint and build React app.

20 Years of Ruby — The story of Ruby began in 1995, when Yukihiro Matsumoto, now widely known as Matz, announced Ruby 0.95, the first public version of the new language. We welcome you to join us and look through the series of humorous cartoons illustrating the Ruby timeline.

Learn Kotlin with "Advent of Code" — Have you already checked out the amazing series of puzzles, “Advent of Code,” by Eric Wastl? These tasks have pretty neat and expressive solutions in Kotlin thanks to its functional programming features. Try to solve them all! In Kotlin!

Kotlin for Android Developers — Kotlin simplifies many aspects of Android development. It can boost your productivity and let you solve typical problems in a simpler way. How? Read this short overview by Antonio Leiva.

Connecting YouTrack to Your VCS — Watch a short video to learn how to connect YouTrack 6.5 to GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket and to see this integration in action.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

WebStorm 12 Roadmap and EAP — The WebStorm team has put together a roadmap for WebStorm 12 including improvements and new features in JavaScript and TypeScript support, Webpack support, and an option to run and debug Node.js app remotely. The first EAP build for WebStorm 12 is already available.

CLion 1.5 EAP Opens — As we had so many great things planned for CLion 1.5, the EAP is already here! First and second builds brought Swift plugin, Mark directory As functionality, Quick Documentation update and much more.

AppCode 3.3.3 Opens — This EAP brings support for Swift protocol extensions, improved rendering for Swift collections in debugger, new intentions for error handling statements and important performance fixes.

Kotlin 1.0 Beta 4 — We are now mostly focused on the infrastructure and future-proof changes. Beta 4 includes better incremental compilation, standard library improvements, and many new refactorings, quick-fixes and intention actions.