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March 2016

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 is the first update in the series of releases planned for 2016. In this version you'll find further improved coding assistance for Java 8, Kotlin, Scala, JavaScript and across supported frameworks. Read our What's New page to learn about the major improvements and download today to try all the new features for yourself.

PhpStorm 2016.1

The next major release of our IDE for PHP and web development is here. PhpStorm 2016.1 not only brings new features but also includes long-awaited fixes and enhancements such as significant improvements in PHP language support, and Keep-Alive feature for SFTP/FTP/FTPS servers and Remote Interpreters.

WebStorm 2016.1

In this major update WebStorm 2016.1 brings an even better experience for editing and refactoring JavaScript and TypeScript code, improves Angular 2 support, steps up the IDE debugging capabilities with support for debugging async client-side code and Web and Service workers, and debugging Node.js remotely.

CLion 2016.1

CLion 2016.1, our cross-platform C/C++ IDE, brings variadic templates support, adopts new powerful instruments to take control of all aspects of development and debugging (e.g. attach to local process), helps with mixed Python and C/C++ projects via the Python plugin, and makes a Swift IDE on Linux possible.


JetBrains Toolbox—Release and Versioning Changes

With the shift to subscriptions, one of our goals was to move away from the one-major-release-per-year model and focusing on continuously delivering value independently of versioning. We will be moving to a single versioning scheme for all our products under JetBrains Toolbox, which include all of our IDEs and .NET tools. In addition, we're introducing a new versioning scheme that will follow the format YYYY.R. Read more in this blog post.

Product News and Releases

Kotlin 1.0.1 — It's been a month since we released Kotlin 1.0 and during that time our user base has roughly doubled in size. Learn about the first bugfix update.

Kotlin Educational Plugin — Is it possible to learn a programming language in 3 hours? Yes! Welcome the brilliant new way for learning Kotlin.

MPS 3.3.4 fixes several important issues and has just been made available for download.

TeamCity Digest #4 — Check out this new digest with the latest TeamCity-related articles and blog posts, as well as recently added plugins.

Monthly Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: March — Project Jigsaw. Emerging languages. Android N. Spring 4.3 is in the air and 2016 is already shaping into a productive year for Java developers. We'll explore future updates to the Java platform, new JVM languages, and open source releases from around the Java community.

C++ Annotated: Dec-Feb — This new edition delivers fresh Visual C++ news, libclang and Swift vs C++ performance investigations, overviews of C++ package and dependency managers, annual reviews from various sources, and usual release highlights.

Learning Resources, Training and Webinars

Enjoying Java and Being More Productive with IntelliJ IDEA — Every time we visit a Java conference or a meetup and talk to people unfamiliar with IntelliJ IDEA, we get similar questions again and again, “What's so special about IntelliJ IDEA?" Read this article to learn what makes it the friendliest Java IDE.

Live Webinar: React.js from a Rails Developer's Perspective — Marcin Grzywaczewski, one of the authors of Rails meets React.js book, will give an introduction to the most popular JavaScript framework for Rails developers. Register now and join us live Thursday, March 24th.

Rails 5 Support in RubyMine 2016.1 — We have been focusing on Rails 5 support since the first beta was released in late December. With Rails 5 RC around the corner, we want to share our progress.

Rerun Failed Tests in PhpStorm — You can now rerun failed PHPUnit or Behat tests. If you have failed tests to fix, you don't have to rerun your whole test suite. Just use Rerun Failed Tests button directly from the Test Runner Tool to see if a change has fixed the broken test.

PhpStorm "Make Static" Refactoring Tool — When refactoring, sometimes you need to change your methods to be static. The 'Make Static' refactoring tool allows you to easily do this in any situation, by converting all invocations and by adding object as a parameter, or adding parameters for fields if needed.

Faster Debugger in PyCharm 2016.1 — Debugger performance improvements are coming in PyCharm 2016.1. We'll take a deeper look at this and provide some of the back-story.

Implementing Continuous Delivery with TeamCity at the Helm — The recording of our February 24 webinar with Clear Measure is now available along with select Q&A.

YouTrack + Upsource + TeamCity Come Together — For those who couldn't attend or missed our live webinar, we are happy to share the recording and Q&A session on our blog.

Integrate YouTrack with PractiTest — Report issues right from the failed test cases in practiTest and link existing YouTrack issues to the test steps.

YouTrack Live Demo — Watch this 30-minute demo by Dmitri Nesteruk to get a quick overview of the main YouTrack goodies.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

ReSharper Ultimate 10.1 EAP Goes On — Recent ReSharper 10.1 early access builds extend the Optimize References feature to support NuGet references; introduce a dedicated reformat code action; adds new context actions to convert strings to objects; and improved support for TypeScript 1.8 and JSON. dotCover 10.1 speeds up MSTest and xUnit test execution in Continuous Testing, and a new version dotMemory Unit also joins the EAP with a set of improvements.

TeamCity 10 EAP Opens — Want to be the first to learn about upcoming TeamCity 10 features? Make sure to check out the TeamCity 10 EAP1 build which brings new integrations with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket Cloud, cross-platform TFS, as well as reworked Amazon EC2 support, and Perforce feature branches.

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