Productive pytest with PyCharm


Live Webinar
Thursday, February 22nd
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET
(11:00 AM - 12:00 AM EST)
Webinar Agenda

Testing is a major part of Python development and pytest has become the leading testing framework. Brian Okken, author of the recent book “Python Testing with pytest” and host of the “Test and Code” podcast, helps you “level up” your pytest skill.

This webinar is a follow-on to the introductory “Visual Testing with PyCharm” Oct 2017 webinar with Kenneth Love. Brian will show:

  • Good style for asserts
  • Refactoring verbose tests into fixtures and files
  • Refactoring fixtures
  • Using parameterize to repeat similar tests
  • Other uses of markers
  • Coverage
  • Good TDD style
  • Along the way, Brian will use the productive PyCharm testing features from the first webinar.

    Speaking to you

    Brian Okken
    Brian is a well-known Python advocate for testing. He is the author of "Python Testing with pytest". He is also active in Python podcasting, as the host of Test and Code podcast and Co-Host with Michael Kennedy of Python Bytes podcast.