Live Webinar:
Using WebStorm for Building Angular Apps

Monday, Feb 6th 
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT

WebStorm is a great IDE for building modern Angular applications. It has support for TypeScript and Angular 2 and integrates with Angular CLI and Angular Language Services, not to mention being a powerful IDE for Web development in general. In this webinar, Victor Savkin, a long time WebStorm user and Angular core contributor, walks you through his IDE setup and some of the things he uses to build Angular applications and the Angular framework itself. Victor will show how to start a new Angular app and will share some tips on working with large codebases, including refactorings and navigation.

Speaking to you

Victor Savkin is an Angular core contributor and co-founder of Narwhal Technologies, where he provides Angular consulting to large teams who want to get their applications to production quickly. Victor toys with eclectic programming technologies and obsesses over fonts and keyboard layouts.

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