GoLand IDE: Tips and Tricks

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Getting started with GoLand is straightforward: download, install, and enjoy. But everyone wants to master their tool to become more effective, and developers want to be in the flow for as long as possible.

So, how can you achieve mastery with GoLand? Does it have any unique configurations that can be used? What are the secrets to using the keyboard to maximize your efficiency?

Let’s move beyond the Save shortcut and focus instead on performing complex refactoring tasks with ease. Run your code, debug it, generate tests, profile it, and use databases and version control straight from the IDE.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, this session will contain something for you.

Speaking to you

Florin Pățan

The webinar will be held by Florin Pățan, a Developer Advocate for GoLand and the author of many articles in our blog. Florin has been a gopher for a few years, has built many high-performance distributed projects, and now helps other gophers worldwide.