Fireside Chat with the Delve team

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Delve, the open-source Go debugger that was created in 2014 by Derek Parker, now powers most Go IDEs and editors.

Even now, 7 years on, Delve continues to improve and become more powerful with the help of Allessandro Arzilli, a long-time contributor and influential figure for the debugger’s development.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Delve and how the team manages such a successful project? To find out how they do it, join us for a live webinar.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the topics we'll discuss:

  • How new Go versions affect the debugger, and how the team manages them. As part of this conversation, we'll discuss how the register-based calling changes in Go 1.17 and the upcoming generics-related changes in Go 1.18 affect the debugger.
  • How the ARM64 came to be, how to port the debugger to other platforms, such as ARM32, and what it takes to contribute to the project.
  • The Delve team’s recent migration to TeamCity Cloud for their CI pipeline and the complexity of supporting a cross-architecture / cross-platform project.
  • Our guests' favorite features, such as record and replay debugging and call injections.

We'll also be answering questions from the community. Feel free to submit your questions before the webinar by tweeting to us @GoLandIDE. Or take part in the stream and pose them to our guests live.

Speaking to you

Derek Parker

Derek is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat (previously CoreOS, Hashrocket) and the creator of the Delve debugger for Go. He is an active open source maintainer, contributor, speaker, and a longstanding member of the Go community.

Alessandro Arzilli

Alessandro is a maintainer of Delve since 2015 and a user of Go since before append existed.