Java, Containers and IntelliJ IDEA

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They told you that using Java with containers were great, but they never mentioned that wouldn't be that easy, right? You really got all advantages of containers like isolation, scalability, ease of deployment, and version management, but what about the pitfalls when using it with Java?

Memory management, image size, initialization time… sometimes they can be tricky! But there's a way out! Luckily there are have some best practices that will rescue your application from failing. From the Dockerfile to the Java updates (from 9 to 14 and beyond), you can have the best of both worlds right on your hands. Join this practical session and transform the way you deal with Java and containers. Today.

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Elder Moraes

Elder helps Java developers to work on great projects by guiding them on how to build and deliver secure, available, and fast server-side applications. He is a Java Champion, the author of the “Jakarta EE Cookbook“, and a board member at SouJava, one of the biggest JUGs in the world. As a Developer Advocate, Elder shares experiences and best practices through online content and at international events like JavaOne, The Developers Conference, QCon, Oracle Code One, Campus Party, and Devnexus.