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April 2024

Update your JetBrains IDEs and .NET tools now to start exploring the AI-powered full line code complеtion right on your machine, as well as a new terminal that’s currently in beta and many other enhancements for your daily work.

Benefit from improved test generation and cloud code completion, custom prompts for commit messages, the ability to create files from code snippets, and enhanced in-editor code generation.

Code faster and locally with AI-driven full line code completion, now available for Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, PHP, Go, and Ruby in the 2024.1 versions of JetBrains IDEs.


Product and Community News

TeamCity 2024.03 Is Here
We've rolled out several highly requested features, such as optional artifact dependency, an integrated HashiCorp Vault plugin, and support for configuration caches in the Gradle build runner.

The Toolbox App Is Now Available for Linux ARM64
Learn more about the updates included in Toolbox App 2.3.

K2 Kotlin Mode (Alpha) in IntelliJ IDEA
Starting with v.2024.1, IntelliJ IDEA comes with the optional K2 mode. In this mode, the IDE uses the K2 compiler for faster and more robust Kotlin code analysis.

Create a Programming Course With JetBrains Academy
Share your coding expertise by creating your own course with JetBrains Academy. Get started quickly with our convenient collection of helpful guides, videos, templates, and more.

Serial Port Monitor Plugin for Embedded Developers in CLion
This new plugin provides a Serial Port Monitor tool window, allowing you to communicate with serial devices like Arduino right from CLion.

JetBrains Rider and the .NET Aspire Plugin
Learn about what .NET Aspire is, who it is for, and what JetBrains is doing to support this new approach to developing distributed applications on the .NET platform in JetBrains Rider.

The Ktor Plugin Registry Has Launched
This new registry enables the submission of community-based plugins to the Ktor team, categorizes plugins, and provides users with essential documentation.

Livestream: The Latest Trends in Django Development
Join our livestream on April 25 to discover what to learn in 2024 to stay ahead of the curve in Django, based on responses from 4,000 Django developers worldwide.

Livestream: TDD, DDD, and C# From the Ground Up
Join us for a live coding demonstration in C# that will show you how to apply test-driven development from the very beginning of a project so you can bring domain-driven design in when you need it.

JetBrains at Microsoft Build 2024
On May 21–23, 2024, JetBrains will be taking part in Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle, WA, to showcase our .NET and AI tools. We'd love to catch up with existing partners and customers and meet new ones. Let's chat!

ICPC World Finals: Kotlin Heroes Blind Coding Challenge
Watch top-tier competitive programmers tackle Kotlin challenges in a unique blind coding challenge format.

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JetBrains AI

Generate Unit Tests Using AI Assistant
Take a look at how to use JetBrains AI Assistant to generate meaningful unit tests that make your life easier.

Creating Custom AI Prompts
Discover how to write custom prompts to use with JetBrains AI Assistant so you can make the most of AI.

How To Use AI Assistant to Generate Test Data For .NET Apps
Learn more about how you can leverage generated data to improve the isolation of your tests and produce a more valuable test suite.


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