This is a free online course that targets people with some previous experience with MPS. Before starting the course, you should understand the basic terminology and ideally be able to create a simple language on your own. You should know how to edit code in the projectional editor and how to use the inspector, and should be familiar with the Structure, Editor, and Generator aspects.

If you think that you need to learn the basics first, here are some options:

  • The Fast Track tutorial – an organized collection of free online materials by JetBrains to help you get started. After completing Step 7, you will be ready to proceed with this course.
  • First Date with MPS – an overview of how to code using DSLs in MPS.
  • Robot Kaja example (video 1 and video 2) – get an introductory hands-on tour through MPS from a developer's perspective.
  • Projectional Editor – enables language designers to create languages with non-parseable notations, tables, math symbols, diagrams, and form-like or context-sensitive syntaxes.
  • MPS basics - Creating your first language – designing a simple language.

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Václav Pech
Václav Pech is passionate about programming in all its forms and flavors. He's keenly interested in server-side Java technologies, distributed and concurrent systems, modern programming languages, and DSLs. He joined JetBrains on a mission to empower developers with top-notch development tools. He's currently involved in the MPS project, developing a projectional DSL workbench, and building customized DSLs.

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