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December 2016

2016.3: Major IDE Updates are Here!

IntelliJ IDEA — Please welcome IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3, the long-awaited update of our flagship Java IDE. This release brings a ton of improvements: refactorings to Java 8 and ES6, better code editor and debugger, and much more.

PhpStorm — A powerful new PhpStorm update is now available with Docker Remote Interpreters, phpspec support, and multiple projects in one frame.

PyCharm — Better Django support, full support for Python 3.6, an improved Python console, and enhanced version control integration are among the key improvements available in this release.

WebStorm — Meet WebStorm 2016.3 and its powerful new features: support for Flow and React Native, new inspections that will help migrate your code to ES6, and improvements in TypeScript support.

CLion — CLion becomes more educated about modern C/C++ language features (including C11, C++11 and C++14), takes on a more efficient approach to CMake project model, and brings remote debug to Windows and semantic highlighting to the editor.

AppCode — AppCode becomes swifter than ever before, bringing you the first part of Swift 3 support, lots of helpful formatting options, and Create from usage for Swift functions, variables and properties. Completion, highlighting and navigation in Swift and mixed code are now much faster.

DataGrip — This release cycle was really important for DataGrip, delivering these long-awaited features such as triggers support, find usages inside views/procedures, bulk submitting of changes, and integration with dump tools.

RubyMine — RubyMine 2016.3 brings enhanced Puppet support, debugging tools for local Ruby/Rails processes, 80 times faster remote gem downloading, an improved UI, and better VCS.

Rider Early Access is Now Public

JetBrains Rider is now available to everyone, as we have just switched to the public Early Access Program. Learn more about the new cross-platform .NET IDE and download the first public build!

Adaptive Learning Contest

If you have any tech-related educational content you want to share, are interested in a totally new adaptive learning approach, and ready to compete for prizes of up to $10,000 – you're welcome to take part in Stepik's Learning Content Contest.

Developer Ecosystem Survey 2016

Developer Ecosystem Survey 2016

We're running our Developer Ecosystem Survey to better understand what's going on in the development world, and to get a true feel for developers and their needs. Once completed, we will share the results and also raffle some great prizes!

Product News and Releases

The Biggest Blockchain Platform is Written in Kotlin — Corda, a blockchain platform developed by a group of more than 70 of the world's largest financial institutions, is making its code publicly available in what could become the industry standard for the nascent technology. We are happy to find that 92% of its codebase is written in the Kotlin programming language.

TeamCity 10.0.3 — The latest bug fix release features downloadable settings in Kotlin-based DSL, filter by agent pool in build time report, open-sourced server and agent Dockerfiles, proper detection of Visual Studio 15 and Java 9 on agents, as well as 200 more improvements and fixes.

New Upsource 250-User Pack — The list of available Upsource licensing options has been extended with a new 250-user pack. Learn more in our blog post.

YouTrack 7.0 (build 28867) — This minor release brings a number of important fixes including the merge columns feature, a fix that returns the filter query to the agile board, and workflow improvements.

The YouTrack Plugin for Your IDE — Meet a new plugin for your IDE that integrates with YouTrack. View a list of issues, apply commands, and track time directly in your IDE.

PyCharm Hotfix for Versions 5 and 2016.1 — Due to a breaking change in the PyPI API, we have released a hotfix for older versions of PyCharm to make sure they will work with PyPI in the future.

CLion 2017.1 Roadmap — We are ready to move forward to bring more shiny features and important fixes into CLion. Our plans for the next year include C++14 and initial C++17 support, Microsoft Compiler and Catch, and new inspections.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: December — This month we have news about Java 8, 9 and beyond, and a mixed bag of fundamentals, popular libraries and other JVM languages. We also take a look at what it means to be a competent developer.

PHP Annotated Monthly: December — Get the lowdown on the latest PHP community news. Be sure to sign up and have next month's edition delivered straight to your inbox.

Learning Resources

What's New in PhpStorm 2016.3 — Join us December 14th for our webinar and find out what's new in the latest PhpStorm release. Learn more and register now.

Kotlin Night Recordings Available — Couldn't attend Kotlin Night in London or want to rewatch the talks? The session recordings are here.

An Introduction to Kotlin Configuration Scripts — This is the first of a 5-part series on working with Kotlin to create Configuration Scripts for TeamCity. It gives an overview of the components of a TeamCity configuration script, and goes over creating the first script.

TeamCity GitHub-Related Improvements — Using TeamCity with GitHub? This list of GitHub-related features in TeamCity 10 will help improve your experience.

Manage Your Time with YouTrack and Toggl — Learn about YouTrack integration with Toggl Button, a time tracker extension for Chrome.

PHP Code Insight in Upsource 3.5 — Upsource 3.5 significantly improves PHP code intelligence features. This video explores PHP code insight.

What's New in PyCharm — The recording of our webinar showing the new features of PyCharm 2016.3 is now available.

Flow in WebStorm — The 2016.3 IDE update brings integration with Flow, a static type checker. Learn how to start using it for code analysis in WebStorm.

Debugging C/C++ Applications on Linux in CLion: From Basics to Reverse Debug — In this webinar recording we talk about general procedures, including breakpoints, watches, inline variables view, attaching to local process and remote GDB debug. And our special guests from the Undo team talk about the reversible debugging technology, as well as show it in action in CLion.

Early Access Program News

Kotlin 1.1 M3 — This release brings new language features as well as improvements and fixes in the JavaScript backend, compiler and IntelliJ IDEA plugin.

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