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November 2016

Upsource 3.5 Released

We have released Upsource 3.5, a major update of our code review and repository-browsing tool. It is loaded with new features and various improvements that aim to make your overall code review process more productive and enjoyable.

If you'd like to see the new Upsource 3.5 features in action, check out the recording of our webinar featuring Trisha Gee.

Introducing YouTrack Mobile

YouTrack now has a native mobile application for iOS and Android — YouTrack Mobile. Access your issues and tasks from your pocket. Stay connected with your team anywhere.

WebStorm 2016.3 Now in Beta

The beta version of WebStorm 2016.3 is now available. Don't wait to try the new exciting features: support for Flow and React Native, improvements in TypeScript support, and much more. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Switch to Subscription at 40% Off

Switch to Subscription at 40% Off

Got a JetBrains desktop product license purchased before November 2015? You can switch it to subscription at 40% OFF. 2016.3, this year's third update for JetBrains Toolbox products, is coming out this month with lots of new features and improvements.

The offer is valid until Dec 31, 2016.

Product News and Releases

PyCharm Edu 3.0.1 — We've fixed some issues in PyCharm Edu 3, so if you're using Stepik, be sure to upgrade. If you haven't checked out PyCharm Edu yet, our newest version includes many features for creating courses for your students.

New Highly Scalable Distributed Upsource Installation — The latest Upsource release has reached an entirely new level of scalability. In the last few months, we have revised and reworked Upsource's architecture. As a result, we are now able to provide a distributed cluster installation that is highly scalable, fault-tolerant and available 24/7.

Hosted TeamCity for Open Source Gets a New Home — The server at what was previously known as TeamCity Codebetter died couple of weeks ago. We rescued most of the projects and data, and moved them to teamcity.​jetbrains.​com. See what's been saved.

PyCharm Raises $50,000 for the Django Software Foundation — This Summer PyCharm ran a campaign where all revenue was donated to the Django Software Foundation (DSF). We raised $50,000 for DSF! We're continuing our partnership by working together on introducing PEP 484 type hinting in Django.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: November — This issue looks outward to more than just the things that impact Java and the JVM, and pulls together content that affects all developers — architecture, security and some general self-improvement.

PHP Annotated Monthly: November — The newest edition of our monthly digest with the latest news from PHP community is now available. Check it out!

Learning Resources

Using TeamCity 10 to Version Control Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline — ClearMeasure will demonstrate the high points of TeamCity 10 and dive into a fully configured continuous delivery implementation using code-based build configurations. Join us November 15th.

Build, Test and Deploy .NET Core Projects with TeamCity — The .NET Core support plugin for TeamCity aims to bring streamlined support for .NET Core CLI by providing .NET Core build steps, CLI detection on the build agents, and auto-discovery of build steps in your repository.

New Agile Board Concept in YouTrack 7 and More — YouTrack's PMM team explains the main differences between the old and the new Board, shows enhanced Burndown and Cumulative flow, and introduces Gantt Chart, Project Templates, and other new features.

Go to Text: ReSharper's Latest Navigation Feature — Starting with 2016.2, ReSharper helps you navigate to any text in your Visual Studio solution, because not everything is code. Learn more about Go to Text and the best ways to make use of the feature.

Tips for Creating Games with Unreal Engine 4 in CLion — In this blog post you'll learn about our experience with UE4 in CLion, along with a couple of tips and useful links.

Using PHP 7 and PhpStorm — We've prepared a short video about using PHP 7 and PhpStorm. Take a look and see how PHP 7 and PhpStorm make developing quicker and easier by catching problems before even running the code.

Docker Remote Interpreters in PhpStorm — PhpStorm 2016.3 provides a much easier way to configure a Docker remote interpreter with an extra option in the Interpreters pane of the IDE.

Early Access Program News

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 — In recent EAP news, dotTrace and dotMemory learn to profile .NET Core applications on Windows; ReSharper adds a new Join Lines action, extends support for VB.​NET 14 and C# 7, and provides a new tool window for ReSharper Build results; ReSharper C++ introduces postfix completion and allows excluding third-party code from analysis; and dotPeek helps explore metadata of .NET assemblies.

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 gives you a glimpse of what has kept the IntelliJ IDEA team busy and having fun for the last three months. You're invited to download the public preview, try its new features and share your feedback.

PhpStorm 2016.3 is available and we'd like your input while we polish the new features and improvements. You can already try Docker in Remote Interpreters, support of PHPSpec, and the ability to open multiple projects in one frame.

PyCharm 2016.3 brings new features for Django, improves the Python console, provides improved Docker support, and includes support for Python 3.6 features. Try the latest public preview.

CLion 2016.3 build introduces long-awaited changes to the CMake workflow. It's now possible to select a CMake generation directory and get an in-source build, as well as open a CMake project from the existing generation folder. The build also brings overload resolution improvements.

RubyMine 2016.3 adds more intelligence to Puppet code insight and resolving. We’re now ready to share all the new features with you.

AppCode 2016.3 brings lots of Swift 3 support improvements, Xcode 8.1 support and Create from Usage for Swift functions, properties and variables.

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