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October 2016

YouTrack 7 Released

YouTrack 7 introduces a new concept of Agile Board, Enhanced Backlog management, Real-time updates, Gantt Chart, and other important improvements. Check what's new in this release.

Join Valerie Andrianova and Natasha Katson for our live October 26th webinar, New Agile Board Concept in YouTrack 7.0 and More. They'll explain and demonstrate the best practices for using YouTrack for Scrum and Kanban teams, and will cover Personal Task boards for every team member.

Issue Tracking Tools Survey 2016

JetBrains surveyed over 1,500 participants to find out the most popular issue tracking tools and gain insight into how they are used by different members of software development teams. Here are the results.

MPS 3.4 Released

The 3.4 release of MPS comes with major improvements in editor usability and cross-model generation that opens new possibilities for MPS users when designing languages.

Announcing TeamCity Plugin Contest

Announcing TeamCity Plugin Contest

With the launch of the brand new plugin repository, we are announcing the start of the TeamCity Plugin Contest 2016 with up to $3,000 in prizes, guaranteed subscriptions for IDEs, and more awesome goodies! Develop a new plugin, enhance an existing one or build something based on a user request. Best part: every contestant gets a free 1-year subscription to any JetBrains IDE no matter what.

Product News and Releases

Kotlin 1.0.4 brings many improvements related to the language (new experimental annotation processor), the IDE (using Kotlin syntax when evaluating expression and watches even in Java files) and build tools (improved Gradle incremental compilation), as well as JavaScript support (Kotlin modules are now compatible with AMD, CommonJS and UMD module systems).

Kotlin NetBeans Plugin BETA — The first BETA release of the Kotlin Plugin for NetBeans IDE is here. It already supports most of the main features of Kotlin plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio and Eclipse.

JetBrains Toolbox App Beta — You're invited to join the Toolbox App Beta. If you haven't heard, Toolbox App is a desktop application that helps you install and update all your JetBrains IDEs with ease.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: October — September is always a busy conference month. In this edition we share links to videos and slides from some of the major events.

PHP Annotated Monthly: October — Gary Hockin rounds up the exciting news and articles in the PHP community from the last month.

Learning Resources

New Agile Board Concept in YouTrack 7 — Learn about the brand new Agile Board in YouTrack 7. It's been completely revamped improving usability, design and concept, and most importantly, the way it's used to visualize your team's progress and track personal tasks.

Introducing Phil Nash, Developer Advocate for C++, Objective-C and Swift Tools — In this interview we talk to Phil about his experience and interests, his opinion on the latest C++ standard, the future of Swift, Catch and his responsibilities as a Developer Advocate.

Rapidly Find and Fix Failures with Undo's CLion Plugin — The Undo team brings its next generation debugging technology to CLion. Learn how reverse debugging can help catch bugs, what's Live Recorder, and how the typical workflow with CLion can look.

Introduction to Akka Actors with Java 8 — In this video you'll learn the basics of writing actors with Akka in Java 8. It covers what are actors and the core concepts around them, how you write one, and what to do and what not to do when using Akka.

Productive Python with PyCharm Tutorial — Our team conducted a 3-hour Productive Coding with PyCharm workshop at PyCon India. Everyone can now take advantage of this workshop, as it's perfectly suitable for self-studying and we have made all of the materials publicly available.

Establishing a Zero-warning Policy with ReSharper and TeamCity — Learn from hands-on experience how you can introduce a zero-warning policy on your .NET development team using ReSharper's solution-wide analysis and TeamCity.

Comparing Memory Snapshots Taken in Different Profiling Sessions — With dotMemory 2016.2 you can profile memory usage of your .NET application before and after optimizing it, and easily compare the two snapshots to verify that there's a noticeable improvement.

Early Access Program News

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 brings initial unit testing support in .NET Core applications, improves language injection mechanic, understands a part of new C# 7.0 features, extends JavaScript and TypeScript support.

AppCode 2016.3 includes major improvements in Swift formatting, UI testing support, completion improvements, lots of Swift 3 support features, and a heap of C++ support improvements.

DataGrip 2016.3 features integration with dump tools, several new inspections, the possibility to edit several fields at the same time, and new completions.

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 major new features include new refactorings to Java 8, parameter hints, reworked Git/Mercurial Log, Polyglot Maven, delegation of build/run actions to Gradle, and Grails view.

PhpStorm 2016.3 adds awesome new features already in EAP: initial PHPSpec support, semantic highlighting for variables and parameters, and new extension point allowing PHP files into projects.

PyCharm 2016.3 provides initial support for Python 3.6 and includes many more useful features. This comes a few weeks after the Python 3.6 Beta 1 release that marked the end of the feature development phase of 3.6.

RubyMine 2016.3 and the team behind it have taken the challenge of making an intuitive and unified Ruby version and gem management UI. Look at the new UI we've come up with and give us your feedback.

WebStorm 2016.3 is moving full speed ahead adding more new features: integration with Stylelint, improvements in Angular 2 support, integration with Create React App, and better coding assistance for ES6 Destructuring.

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