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April 2017

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 Hits the Market

ReSharper 2017.1 supports Visual Studio 2017 RTM, .NET Core unit testing, EditorConfig, TypeScript 2.1, and Angular 2. New C# 7 inspections and quick fixes, code formatting improvements, and navigation filters are also in the mix. ReSharper C++, dotMemory, dotTrace, dotCover and dotPeek are updated as well. Learn more and get the latest ReSharper Ultimate!

TeamCity 2017.1 is Out

Welcome TeamCity 2017.1, the latest version of our powerful CI and CD server! This release brings you cloud profiles, improved VSTS integration, refreshed UI, artifacts storage API, and enhancements in build chains.

JetBrains Toolbox 2017.1: New Major IDE Updates are Here!

This massive update of IntelliJ IDEA gives you lots of improvements to supported languages, frameworks, and built-in tools: Java 9, Kotlin 1.1, Spring, Gradle, JavaScript, Go and more.

PhpStorm provides support for Codeception, PHPUnit 6, PHPDoc in Blade injections, parameter hints, and better support for PSR-0.

WebStorm adds support for such exciting technologies as Vue.js and Jest, brings more flexibility to code styles, and improves its React and Angular support.

CLion provides enhanced support for C++14 and C++17, a new disassembly view in the debbuger, and support for Catch unit testing framework. Windows users can check out the new experimental support for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

RubyMine features RuboCop support, better RVM gem management, test generation for Rails entities, and improvements for Puppet and JavaScript. This update also brings support for Docker.

AppCode brings support for new Swift 3 features, Create from usage for types and initializers, Override/Implement improvements, and better completion.

DataGrip delivers new schema management, Column mappings in import, and Export result-set to a database.

Kotlin/Native Technical Preview

The team has announced the first Technology Preview of Kotlin/Native that compiles Kotlin directly to machine code. The Kotlin/Native compiler produces standalone executables that can natively run on iOS, Raspberry Pi, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Announcing KotlinConf

KotlinConf San Francisco: November 2-3, 2017

KotlinConf is a two-day community event taking place in San Francisco in November. Alongside Andrey Breslav and Erik Meijer as keynote speakers, there will be Kotlin team members and experts from the community talking about everything Kotlin. Super Early Bird Registration is now open with a savings of $200 off the regular price. Register today!

Product News and Releases

Hub 2017.2 — Hub 2017.2 introduces improved license management, dashboard improvements and OpenID connect.

MPS 2017.1 — This release is loaded with handy new features and useful enhancements — an HTTP support plugin, refactored editor language API, generator plans, and module cloning.

YouTrack 2017 Roadmap — Check out the YouTrack Roadmap for 2017 that includes a new release scheme and experimental features.

Upsource 2017.2 Roadmap — The upcoming release is set to provide support for external inspection engines, NPM support, and better Python support.

CLion 2017.2 Roadmap — What can you expect from CLion 2017.2? Spoiler alert: more C++17, disassemble on demand and other debugger improvements, MSYS support and more.

Technological Highlights

PHP Annotated Monthly: April — Gary guides you through the latest news from the PHP world in the April edition of our monthly digest.

Java Annotated Monthly: April — We're drawing closer to the release of Java 9, so expect to see more and more Java 9 news as we get nearer to July. As usual, we've got a good selection of general Java tips, tricks and news, and this month's design section is very specifically aimed at Java/OO developers. To finish up, we've introduced a new Events section, so if we're in your neighborhood you can drop in and see us.

Learning Resources

Kotlin 1.1 Event Demo & Kotlin Future Survey — Watch Andrey Breslav's demo on coroutines and JavaScript backend in Kotlin 1.1. Make an impact on the future of Kotlin by joining our online Future Features Survey.

Kotlin 1.1 is also for Android Developers — Learn what Kotlin 1.1 brings for Android development in this guest blog post by Antonio Leiva.

Explore .NET Memory Management — Watch the recording of our recent webinar to learn how the concepts of .NET memory management can help us write better applications.

Tune Your Agile Board with YouTrack Tweaks Extension — Learn about YouTrack tweaks, a Chrome extension which provides per-user YouTrack customization.

Go IDE Overview — Learn to develop with Go more effectively using our newest IDE for Go.

New Features in PhpStorm 2017.1 — In our blog's "Cool feature" category, we've published a bunch of new posts about the most significant features in 2017.1. You may also want to watch the recording of our most recent webinar, What's New in PhpStorm 2017.1.

Don't Use a Class as a Namespace in Rails — Junichi Ito, a Ruby developer and blogger, explains why you should use different names for model classes and namespaces in Rails applications.

Adaptive Python Course — The Adaptive Python course is now polished and ready to use in PyCharm 3.5.1. This course adapts to each student's level of knowledge and interest, and helps to stay more motivated and productive while learning Python.

Early Access Program News

Gogland EAP 7 — The new EAP build brings faster completion, package rename, 2017.1 platform features, IntelliJ plugin, and more.

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