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August 2017

JetBrains .NET IDE Hits its First Release

Welcome the official release of Rider 2017.1! Based on ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA, this new .​NET IDE lets you develop ASP.​NET, .​NET Core, .​NET Framework, Xamarin and Unity applications on Windows, Mac or Linux. Learn about features and pricing, and download a 30-day trial.

JetBrains Toolbox 2017.2: New Major IDE Updates are Here!

IntelliJ IDEA — 2017.2, a new massive update for IntelliJ IDEA, is out and packed full of new features and important bug fixes. Get a copy of this new release and see for yourself, but before you do, it is worth spending a couple of minutes reading this summary for ideas on where to look.

AppCode — AppCode 2017.2 brings with it a new Extract Method refactoring, override/implement completion, inline type hints, and lots of language support improvements for Swift, as well as __auto_type support for Objective-C/C/C++.

CLion — Focusing on C++ parser correctness and performance improvements, CLion 2017.2 brings Clang-Tidy integration to expand the number of code analysis checks available to you, a better way to get disassembly view, and lots of bug fixes and improvements.

DataGrip — This update is really important for PostgreSQL users; we added support for several databases in one data source. Also, if you use DataGrip with AWS Redshift or MS Azure, welcome support for these databases!

PhpStorm — PhpStorm 2017.2 brings major improvements when working with Composer and Docker Compose, reworked polymorphic types support, and automatically run PHPUnit tests.

PyCharm — Get PyCharm 2017.2 today for Docker Compose support on Windows, SSH Agent, Azure Databases, and Amazon Redshift support.

RubyMine — With RubyMine 2017.2 you can develop and debug applications with Docker Compose, run RuboCop auto-corrections right from the editor, and navigate through your code with breadcrumbs for Ruby.

WebStorm — WebStorm 2017.2 brings better support for webpack and ESLint, improves testing with Mocha and Karma, and adds a new Move Symbol refactoring and the Rearrange Code action.

PyCharm Edu 4

The latest update of our free and open-source tool, to learn and teach programming with Python, brings a better user experience to both learners and educators, making the product as easy-to-use as possible.

YouTrack 2017.3

YouTrack 2017.3 introduces workflows in JavaScript, improved Kanban support, personal board templates, and other improvements.

Live Webinar: Join Mariya Davydova and Scott Adams for our August 16th webinar to see the power of the new workflows in action. An Introduction to JavaScript Workflows in YouTrack 2017.3 introduces you to two major changes for workflows in YouTrack: working with the built-in workflow editor, and writing workflows in JavaScript.

MPS 2017.2 is Out!

MPS 2017.2 is Out!

MPS 2017.2 includes new features for improving the user experience and creating better domain specific languages. Try the shiftless code-completion and the new way to investigate applicable transformation.

Be sure to check out the newly redesigned MPS website for easier access to the information you want and need.

Product News and Releases

YouTrackSharp 3.0 Beta: A .NET Standard Client for YouTrack — Welcome a brand new (preview) version of YouTrackSharp, a .NET library to work with the YouTrack REST API. It's a complete rewrite from the previous version, since a lot of things in the .NET world have changed.

JetBrains Web UI Components Open-Sourced — Ring UI, an open-source library full of Web UI components, was just announced. It lets you develop custom widgets in Hub and YouTrack, plugins for TeamCity, and much more.

CLion 2017.3 Roadmap — Are you interested in Valgrind integration into CLion? Or looking for remote development support? Take a look at CLion's plans for the 2017.3 release.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: August — We've been working hard on a number of 2017.2 releases, including IntelliJ IDEA and Upsource, so this month's Java Annotated includes links to all the information about these releases. Also, there's loads of Java 9 news and a good chunk of Design & Architecture this month.

PHP Annotated Monthly: August — Gary Hockin rounds up the latest news in the PHP community, check out our regular digest — August edition.

Learning Resources

JetBrains Tools for Your Business — Fostering development team collaboration, JetBrains tools can save you money and resources, help you keep release schedules, and even boost revenues by improving the quality of your software products. Learn how JetBrains tools help your business.

Manage TeamCity Users with Invitations Plugin — TeamCity project administrators can now issue invitations to users to join their project, which simplifies user management and shifts the responsibilities from the server admin. Learn how to use the plugin for your server.

Code Review for .NET Projects in Upsource — This post covers some of the Upsource features that .NET teams can use to make their code reviews more efficient.

Muting a Code Review in Upsource — Learn how you can mute a code review and under what scenario you might want to use this new Upsource 2017.2 feature.

Python Support in Upsource — Upsource 2017.2 release brings Python code insight functionality to help developers understand new changes in a familiar manner and to be more efficient when reviewing them.

Developing C/C++ Projects with CLion IDE and Conan C/C++ Package Manager — The recording of our webinar with Conan/JFrog is now available, along with some useful links, and session Q&A.

PhpStorm 2017.2 Features — Want to know more about the new features in PhpStorm? We've prepared a bunch of materials to help you get familiar with new possibilities PhpStorm is offering, such as Composer improvements, Docker Compose, automatically run PHPUnit tests, and new inspections.

Develop Docker Compose Applications on Windows — Developing and debugging Docker Compose applications in PyCharm was already possible for users on Linux and macOS. In PyCharm 2017.2, this is now also possible on Windows.

Early Access Program News

Gogland EAP 11 — In a freshly-released Gogland EAP build, along with IntelliJ Platform 2017.2 features, you'll get faster indexing, new refactorings, and lots of small improvements.

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2 — More C# 7.1 support, navigation improvements, new code inspections and quick-fixes, understanding SourceLink, C++ naming style control: learn about these and other improvements across the ReSharper Ultimate product suite on its way to the upcoming 2017.2 release.

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