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December 2017

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3

A massive update for IntelliJ IDEA is out and it is packed with new features and important bug fixes. IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 brings smarter coding assistance, a better debugger, run dashboard, enhanced support for many frameworks, and more.

TeamCity 2017.2

TeamCity Gets Updated: 100 free build configurations, full-on Docker support, .NET CLI integration, composite and deployment builds, multiple templates, automatic server update, and Kotlin DSL improvements. Join Wes Higbee on December 20th to learn about the latest new features in our webinar, What's New in TeamCity 2017.2.

Kotlin 1.2

In Kotlin 1.2, we're adding the possibility to reuse code between different platforms. Now you can write the business logic of your application once, and reuse it across all tiers of your application – the backend, the browser frontend, and the Android mobile app.

Be sure to check out the recoding of our recent webinar with Dmitry Jemerov, Multi-platform Projects in Kotlin 1.2. In this talk, we look at the language and IDE features that enable multi-platform development in Kotlin, as well as libraries that can be used in multiplatform code.

GoLand 2017.3

GoLand 2017.3

Please welcome GoLand, a new commercial IDE aimed at providing an ergonomic environment for Go development. The new IDE extends IntelliJ Platform with the coding assistance and tool integrations specific to the Go language.

Product News and Releases

AppCode 2017.3 delivers Swift 4 and Xcode 9.x support, dozens of improvements in Swift and mixed Objective-C/Swift resolution engine, improved performance of incremental builds, and lots of new C++ support features and improvements.

CLion 2017.3 brings integrations with Valgrind Memcheck and Boost.Test, offers a more flexible way to configure toolchains, comes with dozens of C++ language support fixes, and supports MSVC extensions.

CLion 2018.1 Roadmap — Let's talk about CLion in 2018. Learn about our plans in areas such as C++ support, performance, project models, and remote development. Find the roadmap for v2018.1 in the very end.

DataGrip 2017.3 is packed with many improvements: Group data sources, SQL generator, better JOIN completion, convenient executing script files, and enhancements in SSH.

MPS 2017.3 — If there was ever a perfect time to incorporate a DSL into your business, it’s now. Any MPS-specific ant task provides full control over the repository contents, a customizable font family for cells, with a generic placeholder available and—wait for it—Ctrl+A is finally here!

PyCharm 2017.3 is here with indexing speed improvements, easier selection of virtualenvs, and an all-new data science mode.

PyCharm Edu 2017.3 versioning is now aligned with other products, so 2017.3 version is the successor to PyCharm Edu 4. It is better integrated with Stepik for learners and has polished its UX for both learners and educators.

RubyMine 2017.3 makes the IDE significantly faster, and has WSL, awesome RuboCop improvements, new refactoring and code style options, and a truckload of enhancements onboard.

Upsource 2017.3 — An updated code intelligence engine is bundled in Upsource 2017.3, which means that the newest inspections provided by IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, WebStorm, and PyCharm are also available to you when browsing or reviewing changes in Upsource.

WebStorm 2017.3 makes JavaScript and TypeScript support better with new refactorings, improves your experience with Vue.js, adds new features to the Jest integration, and brings a new tool for testing REST APIs.

YouTrack 2017.4 introduces Japanese, estimation report type, date and time custom fields, among other improvements.

Community and Events

KotlinConf 2017 Session Recordings and Photos — All KotlinConf session recordings, slides, and photos are now available with their accompanying slides. Watch the talks you missed, and revisit the ones you loved!

Kotlin AMA on Reddit — Explore hundreds of community questions answered by Kotlin team members.

Putting Type Hints to Work — In this webinar recording, Daniel Pyrathon explains how to write better applications using type hints. Watch it now.

Go Plugin and IntelliJ-based IDEs — Please read this important clarification on Go support plugin availability in IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: December — November was a busy month for conferences that included QCon, KotlinConf, and Devoxx. In this edition, we share links to some of the video highlights.

PHP Annotated Monthly: December — Gary Hockin rounds up the latest news from the PHP community in our regular digest.

Learning Resources

ReSharper Extends Visual Studio Debugger — ReSharper now displays local variables, current line expressions, and function returns inside the editor. Other debugger features include searchable DataTips, creating breakpoints and tracepoints from Find Results, and a Go to Breakpoint action.

Code Formatting Engine Updates in ReSharper and Rider — ReSharper 2017.3 and Rider 2017.3 come with some new options for configuring the code formatting engine and defining code style for C#, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and Protobuf. In this blog series, get familiar with the various new improvements and how to use them in your daily routine.

IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz — Our long-time friend, an IntelliJ IDEA advocate, and now an official JetBrains training partner, Heinz Kabutz has just launched a comprehensive video course on getting started with IntelliJ IDEA. If you're new to IntelliJ IDEA, go ahead and sign up for this free course.

GoLand's Take on Go Development — Ever wonder why you should choose GoLand as your IDE for Go development? Join Andrey Cheptsov for a detailed look into this question.

Writing YouTrack Workflows in Your IDE — In this article, we show you how to work with the package manager and update workflows using your own software development tools.

Make It Workflow Blog Series — This blog post series demonstrates how to support specific processes in YouTrack with the help of workflows.

Early Access Program News

Rider 2017.3 comes with new project templates, unit testing UI update, debugger enhancements, tons of improvements for Unity support, C# Interactive window, and more. Grab your fresh EAP build and try new features in action.

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