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February 2017

YouTrack 2017.1

YouTrack 2017.1 introduces search based on time tracking, attachments on Agile Board, and many other improvements. Learn more and try YouTrack today!

"Kotlin in Action" Book

Kotlin in Action is the first book about Kotlin, written by members of the team. Get it now as an eBook or print edition. The examples used in the book are available in our online mini-IDE.

Welcome PyCharm Edu 3.5!

PyCharm Edu 3.5!

Please welcome the latest update of our free, easy-to-use, professional tool for teaching and learning programming with Python. This release brings advanced course creation options for educators and more courses for students.

Product News and Releases

Hub 2017.1 — This release introduces quick navigation, LDAP bind to a fixed account, credentials management, and dozens of UI and usability improvements.

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3.2 — Download the latest bugfix update to make your experience with ReSharper 2016.3 even smoother.

Kotlin Community Support — Visit the new community section and learn about the support program for Kotlin user groups and events.

Developer Today, Marketing Manager Tomorrow — We speak with Anastasia about CLion, PMMs' roles at JetBrains, and what it takes to transition from a developer to a product marketing manager.

Interview with Michael Kennedy — We interviewed Michael Kennedy, host of the 'Talk Python to Me' podcast, about his podcasting experience.

The Art of Code, Visualized — Our design team creates product graphics using code. See how it's done and get yourself a unique code-generated JetBrains-themed desktop wallpaper.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: February — We're trying out a new format, but as usual, we cover what's new and interesting in the world of Java.

PHP Annotated Monthly: February — Let us guide you through the latest news from the PHP world.

C++ Annotated: September – December 2016 — You'll find playlists of talk recordings from major C++ events, release news, an introduction to Standardese called next generation Doxygen, and samples of functional programming in modern C++.

Learning Resources

The Three Laws of TDD (Featuring Kotlin) — Missed our awesome webinar? Here's the recording! Uncle Bob demonstrates the three laws of Test Driven Development using the Kotlin language.

Refactoring to Java 8 — Even if your project has technically adopted Java 8, it's likely the majority of your code base is still not making the most of what's available in Java 8. This video highlights the benefits of using Java 8 and demonstrates how to automatically refactor your code to make use of them.

Rider Frontend Plugin Development — Learn how to write a simple plugin for Rider using IntelliJ plugin SDK.

Exploring New Features in ReSharper 2016.3 — This blog series covers the newly introduced code generation actions, actions around C# method parameters, and navigation and search improvements.

New Code Coverage Highlighting in dotCover 2016.3 — The new highlighting logic in dotCover not only shows whether a statement is covered by tests, but also indicates test results.

Exploring Intermediate Language (IL) with ReSharper and dotPeek — Read about the IL viewer and how it can be used to learn about Intermediate Language and how the source code is compiled to it. When combined with a profiler, you can use it to optimize your code as well.

Life Without PyCharm's Project Explorer — Do you think the file explorer is an unmissable part of your IDE? Let's see if we can work with PyCharm after hiding it.

Using WebStorm for Building Angular Apps — Victor Savkin, an Angular core contributor, shares his tips on using WebStorm for building Angular apps and big projects like the Angular framework itself.

How to Work with Git Video Series — Trisha and Gary shed light on common Git questions, such as, How do I switch branches without losing my work?, How to Keep a Git Fork up to Date?, and How do I start work with Open Source and GitHub?.

Working With PHPUnit and PhpStorm — Learn about PHPUnit Tests templates, live templates, test runner, and more.

Kotlin Configuration Scripts: Working With and Creating Configuration Scripts Dynamically — Part 2 and 3 in the series dig into working with Kotlin as a TeamCity DSL, taking advantage of the fact Kotlin is a full programming language and not just a limited DSL.

TeamCity as Debian Package Repository — Find several tips and tricks on using TeamCity as a Debian repository.

How We Scrum in YouTrack Team — This series dives deep into all of the Scrum activities we practice on the YouTrack team: our roles, backlog management, approach to estimation, sprint planning, our activities during the sprint, demo session, and retrospective.

Code Review Workflows — We're running a blog post series devoted to various code review workflows, describing each process in detail, and uncovering their advantages and disadvantages. Check out first two blog posts: Code Review as a Gateway and Code Review for Design Evolution.

Early Access Program News

Kotlin 1.1 Beta — The release brings full support of compilation to JavaScript, coroutines, typealiases, full Jack support, and compiler plugin for making classes open by default.

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 — Taste the new features coming in the first major release of this year: extended support for Visual Studio 2017, local functions in C# 7, initial support for TypeScript 2.2 and Angular 2 templates syntax, EditorConfig and more.

CLion 2017.1 — A new CLion EAP is underway with support for C++14 features, make auto intention, and zero-latency typing mode.

AppCode 2017.1 — The EAP kicks off with lots of Override/Implement improvements, and better Swift support.

PyCharm 2017.1 — Try new features like Zero-latency typing, a faster Python 3.6 debugger, and semantic highlighting.

MPS 2017.1 — Learn about and try the numerous changes and improvements that await you.

DataGrip 2017.1 — This build includes map columns in CSV import, export tables to other databases, new qualifying options, and better SQLite support.

WebStorm 2017.1 — WebStorm brings initial support for Vue.js! Give it a try in this latest EAP.

PhpStorm 2017.1 — Enjoy the following in the latest EAP: PHP 7 Uniform Variable Syntax, support of PHPDoc in Blade injections, Codeception support, configurable declare statements, support of PHPUnit 6, support of Blade @component and @slot directive document structure.

RubyMine 2017.1 — Find these features and more: Quick gemset creation, support for RuboCop, test generation for Rails apps, and parameter hints for Ruby.

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