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June 2017

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2 Early Access Program Kicks Off

The latest series of ReSharper Ultimate preview builds adds initial support for C# 7.1, TypeScript 2.3, and Angular 4, optimizes code completion, extends navigation and code generation options, and more.

Developing C/C++ Projects with CLion IDE and Conan C/C++ Package Manager

If you are dealing with large C/C++ projects, you may find package modularization useful. Join our webinar on July 11 to learn about Conan package manager and how to use it from CLion.

Kotlin on Android, It's Now Official!

Kotlin on Android, It's Now Official!

The Android team announced first-class support for the Kotlin language at Google I/O. Starting now, Android Studio 3.0 ships with Kotlin out of the box and both JetBrains and Google will be supporting Android development in Kotlin. At the same time, the focus of Kotlin remains the same. It's a versatile and multi-platform targeted language for full-stack web applications, Android and iOS clients, embedded/IoT, and much more.

Product News and Releases

KotlinConf Early Bird Special — Save $100 on KotlinConf with Early Bird registration. The offer is valid through September 1, 2017, or while supplies last.

New Style for Kotlin User Groups — We've rolled out a new logo and branding for the Kotlin community. Check the guidelines and customize a logo for your community project.

Visual SourceSafe and ClearCase Support — Visual SourceSafe has reached its end-of-life, and ClearCase is approaching it next year. Given that, we no longer plan to continue development on these plugins, and will be closing their support as of 2017.3 release.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: June — Find the latest news and rumors around the JVM community in our June issue of Java Annotated. This edition features many articles and events around Java 9, Android and Kotlin.

PHP Annotated Monthly: June — Gary Hockin rounds up what's happening in the PHP community with his favorite blog posts and articles from the last month.

Learning Resources

Migrating to Gogland from a Code Editor: Tips & Tricks — Gogland is the codename of the new Go IDE announced a half a year ago by JetBrains. In this webinar recording, we look at this IDE from the perspective of users of editors like Code, Atom, Sublime Text, or Vim. The video demonstrates where an IDE has the upper hand over editors where it may be inferior.

10 RubyMine Shortcuts You Shouldn't Miss — This blog post covers 10 must-use RubyMine shortcuts to help you develop faster.

PHPUnit and Various Interpreters in PhpStorm — We are working on a series of videos about usage of PHPUnit and various interpreters in PhpStorm. This video explains how to run PHPUnit Tests in PhpStorm with Docker.

Git Video Series — Our Developer Advocates answer the question, "How do I see who has made changes in the project?".

C++Now Trip Report — The conference represented a fantastic opportunity to dive into cutting-edge C++. Read about our experience in this trip report.

F# Support in Rider — Learn how exactly Rider supports the dark horse of .​NET languages. Are navigation, quick-fixes, or NuGet support available in F# projects? Also, find out how F# support in Rider is going to evolve, and what it all means for ReSharper.

dotMemory Command Line Tools — A few months ago we launched dotMemory Command Line Tools — a free new way to automate .​NET memory profiling. Learn how it works, what use cases it covers, and how to get started.

Baking Boards Vlog Series — We continue the vlog series devoted to showing you how we at JetBrains configure and use Agile boards. The latest episodes cover YouTrack and Scrum, CLion & AppCode Kanban Board, and more. A recipe to follow is included, if you want to "bake" a board just like it.

Early Access Program News

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 — The new EAP build extends the debugger with the capabilities to filter arrays and collections, introduces Module Diagrams for Java 9, and makes Smart Completion aware of builder classes in the project.

PhpStorm 2017.2 — Docker-compose, new composer actions, traits improvements, new UML actions, automatic run of PHPUnit tests and other features are already part of the EAP.

WebStorm 2017.2 — Access the new features in WebStorm: new Move symbol refactoring, parameter hints in TypeScript, auto imports in ES6, support for Angular Material, and option to run a single Karma test.

PyCharm 2017.2 — The new PyCharm EAP is underway with SSH Agent, Jupyter Notebooks, and more. For this EAP we have a contest for our most active users.

PyCharm Edu 4 — This release of our education edition focuses on a better user experience for both students and teachers.

DataGrip 2017.2 — Try today the new DataGrip EAP features including: Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure support, several databases in one PostgreSQL data source, and new evaluate expression functionality.

AppCode 2017.2 — Several new EAP builds bring such long-awaited features as __auto_type support, override/implement via completion in Swift, and new intentions for Swift protocols.

Gogland EAP 9 — The new EAP build of Gogland, among other things, brings remote debugging capabilities, better performance, and lots of bug fixes.

JetBrains Rider — The Early Access Program for the new .​NET IDE continues with Xamarin Mac and iOS support, unit testing improvements, debugging two or more projects at the same time, UI to manage NuGet package sources, and Favorites tool window.

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