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October 2017

Rider 2017.2 is Released, Supports .​NET Core 2.0

In its second release, JetBrains Rider starts supporting .​NET Core 2.0 applications, gets a load of unit testing improvements including an MSTest runner, adds Call Tracking and Value Tracking for a more focused usage search, and incorporates the latest features from ReSharper and IntelliJ Platform. Learn more (there's a lot!) and get the latest release of the new .​NET IDE.

Real World Java 9

In case you missed out on the live Java 9 webinar that we hosted last week (and the JavaOne keynote, where we had a chance to demo IntelliJ IDEA's support for Java 9), we've got you covered. Real World Java 9 webinar recording and a detailed transcript of the Q&A session are now available.

Kotlin 1.2 Beta

Welcome the Beta release for Kotlin 1.2. There are many new features in the language and standard library. The most notable one is multiplatform projects, which allows you to reuse code between target platforms supported by Kotlin – JVM, JavaScript, and in the future, Native.

KotlinConf is Almost Here!

KotlinConf 2017 is Almost Here!

There are fewer than 50 tickets remaining for KotlinConf and the event will be officially sold out. The two-day conference takes place November 2-3 at Pier 27 in San Francisco and will play host to more than 1,000 attendees. We encourage you to take a look at the newly published schedule and register now if you plan to join.

Can’t make the conference and still want to get in on the action? JetBrains and Realm have teamed up for an evening community event on November 1. Connect with other enthusiasts for a Building Libraries with Kotlin talk and dinner. It is a great chance to meet up with friends before the conference!

Product News and Releases

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2.2 addresses issues related to code completion and bogus red code, among other fixes. ReSharper C++, dotCover, dotMemory and dotTrace are all updated, too.

Kotlin 1.1.5 bug fix and tooling update brings improved support for JSR-305, JavaScript backend improvements, better generated bytecode performance, and many inspections and bug fixes in the IDE.

TeamCity Plugin for HashiCorp Vault — Introducing the new TeamCity plugin that helps build scripts interact with HashiCorp Vault and obtain credentials dynamically.

Docker Integration Plugin for TeamCity 2017.1.x — The Docker Support plugin, bundled with 2017.2 EAP by default, is now available for users of TeamCity 2017.1. There's no need to wait until the release to reap the benefits of working with Docker and TeamCity.

Community and Events

GraphQL in the Python World — This webinar will provide both a theoretical perspective as well as hands-on demos to showcase what GraphQL is, what it is capable of, and how it can benefit in your own jobs and side projects. Join presenter Quasi Nafiul live on October 31.

Trip Report: JetBrains C++ Team at CppCon 2017 — Our trip report covers highlights from conference talks as well as some interesting C++ statistics that we collected at our booth.

What tools are used for Ruby and Rails development? — At RubyKaigi'17 we conducted a small survey to find out which Ruby and Rails editors are favored in Japan. Find out how the results compare to our earlier survey from RailsConf'17 and learn how Asia compares to the West.

Caktus Group Gains Speed and Efficiency with PyCharm — We spoke to two professional Python developers with diverse backgrounds and experiences to learn what Django development looks like in a modern Django development company.

Interview with Matt Godbolt — In our interview with the creator of Compiler Explorer, Matt talks about the importance of reading assembly code, shares his view on the recent and upcoming C++ features, brings a tricky code sample to the table, and explains the need for the right tool.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: October — This month we have lots of Java 9 content but that's actually not the only big news; Java EE 8 is available and we can look forward to a new release of Java every six months.

PHP Annotated Monthly: October — Gary Hockin rounds up the latest news in the PHP community, check out our regular digest - October edition.

Learning Resources

5 Tips for Tracking Issues in YouTrack — Learn about the most productive ways to track your issues in YouTrack.

TeamCity Docker Images for Windows — TeamCity Windows Docker images are available with the same set of containers as the Linux ones: teamcity-server, teamcity-agent, and teamcity-minimal-agent.

Reactive Spring — Take a dive into reactive programming with Spring 5 in the recording of last weeks webinar, Reactive Spring featuring Josh Long. In this video, you’ll learn about reactive processing and a new type of web endpoint: functional reactive endpoints. As a bonus, he will show you how to implement a reactive service with Kotlin.

Visual Testing with Kenneth Love — Kenneth Love shows how to use PyCharm and PyTest together to quickly and easily cover your code with tests.

How to Debug Node.js in WebStorm — Did you know that WebStorm has a powerful Node.js debugger? Learn how to use it for your node app written in JavaScript or TypeScript.

Taking Control of PhpStorm Updates — Manage PhpStorm updates like a pro! If you missed a minor update, read a post to learn how to get back on track.

Editor-based Rest Client in PhpStorm — PhpStorm 2017.3 brings a brand-new approach to working with APIs by integrating the REST client inside the text editor. Lean more about this new feature in our blog.

UML Diagrams in PhpStorm — Unified Modeling Language can be used to draw out the relationships between classes, abstract classes, and interfaces, to help you visualize exactly how your classes interact and are related. PhpStorm has tools that can help you create these diagrams and manipulate your code from within the chart.

Projectional Editing in Domain-Specific Languages — We have been taught for many years how programming should be done. Have we ever stopped for a second and questioned whether perhaps there is a better way? During our MPS webinar, we challenged the status quo and expanded the boundaries of what is known as normal.

Developing the Basics — We invite you to share one learning journey. David Watson, Marketing Copywriter at JetBrains, is going to self-learn how to program in four months and will write about his progress, sharing some tips and highlights. Learn more from the interview about the project and his plans.

Early Access Program News

RubyMine 2017.3 features Embedded Puppet (EPP) support, RuboCop improvements, and handy code style and refactoring options. Also, the overall performance of the IDE was greatly improved.

PyCharm 2017.3 comes with a new scientific mode to make data science easier, and has lots of performance improvements throughout.

DataGrip 2017.3 provides a new way to work with schemas and consoles, Several Execute actions, and Exasol support.

WebStorm 2017.3 brings improved support for Vue.js, support for watch mode in Jest and Mocha, and the brand-new REST Client.

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