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September 2017

Meet ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2 RTM

ReSharper 2017.2 understands .​NET Core 2.0 and C# 7.1, and gets better at C# 7.0. Get ready for more code inspections and context actions, including new IEnumerable inspections, as well as many powerful navigation and search improvements, new C# typing assists, and leveled-up support for TypeScript, JavaScript, JSON, and Angular.

Other tools included in the ReSharper Ultimate family are all updated too: dotMemory can now import Windows memory dumps, while ReSharper C++ gains a better understanding of C++11 and C++17! Learn more and download ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2.

New Early Access Programs Get Underway

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP is now ready for a test-drive before release later this fall. Check out better data flow analysis, lots of new inspections, debugger improvements, and much more.

PhpStorm 2017.3 EAP is open. You can already try new features, such as editor-based REST Client, Unhandled Exception inspection, and the possibility to re-run a specific PHPUnit dataset.

CLion 2017.3 EAP starts with various C++ language engine improvements, support for multiple toolchains, bundled GDB 8, and gutter icons for unit testing.

Rider 2017.2 EAP brings full support for .​NET Core 2.0, learns to run MSTest unit tests, improves NuGet package manager, and adds a new Parallel Stacks debugger tool window and new refactorings. It's also based on the latest ReSharper version with improved support for C# 7.0, initial support for C# 7.1, and new code inspections and quick-fixes.

Don't Miss These Upcoming Webinars

Projection Editing for Domain-Specific Languages, Sept. 19th — We have been taught for many years how programming should be done. Have we ever stopped for a second and wondered whether perhaps there is a better way? During this webinar, we will challenge the status quo and expand the boundaries of what it is known as "normal."

Visual Testing with PyCharm, Sept. 28th — Testing in Python often requires you to spend a lot of time looking at dots in your terminal. PyCharm, though, can make testing easier and friendlier! Learn more about our webinar featuring Kevin Love.

Reactive Spring, Oct. 5th — Spring 5 is just around the corner. Most importantly, the upcoming release will support reactive programming, enabling developers to build message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive services. Join Josh Long for this live webinar about Spring 5 and reactive programming.

Full-Day Workshop and Community Event at KotlinConf

Full-Day Workshop and Community Event at KotlinConf

JetBrains and Realm have partnered up to offer a full-day introduction to Kotlin workshop on November 1st, the day before KotlinConf kicks-off. The workshop will be followed by a Building Libraries for Kotlin talk, and dinner hosted by Realm.

If you haven't done so already, check out the great speaker line-up and sessions at KotlinConf. Ready to join? Register now!

Product News and Releases

Kotlin 1.1.4 brings auto-generating parcelable implementations, JS dead code elimination, package-default nullability, and many new features in the IntelliJ IDEA plugin.

CLion 2017.2.2 update allows for a more flexible CLang-Tidy configuration, and makes it an easier to add your own Clang-Tidy-based checks into CLion.

AppCode 2017.2.X updates bring important features and fixes including the huge first part of Swift 4 and support for access modifiers.

Introducing TeamCity RunAs Plugin — When building, testing, and deploying an application with TeamCity, you may need to run a build under a specific user account, different from the one used to run the build agent. The RunAs plugin lets you do exactly that.

Community and Events

DataGrip Team in The USA — This September, DataGrip team members will take part in several events in the United States. Catch up with Maksim Sobolevskiy and Vasiliy Chernov for their tips'n'tricks talk at various meetups and our booth at SQLSaturday in Spartanburg.

RubyMine Team at RubyKaigi 2017 — The RubyMine team will attend RubyKaigi 2017 to present their new approach to generating type annotations in Ruby. Learn about the project in this blog post.

Developer Ecosystem Survey Raw Data — The data-set from our Developer Ecosystem Survey 2016/2017 includes all of the 9,291 respondents from external channels and JetBrains' own. We encourage you to dig in!

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: September — The major news in August was for Android with the release of Oreo. The rest of the Java world seems to be holding its breath waiting for Java 9, due this month.

PHP Annotated Monthly: September — Gary Hockin rounds up the latest news in the PHP community from the month of August.

C++ Annotated April-August — This edition shares stories about C++20, Metaclasses proposal, C++ Core Guidelines, and various webinars, along with an overview of recent conferences and releases.

Learning Resources

Getting Started with Rider and Unity — Read this blog post or watch a short video to learn how Rider can help with Unity game development: code completion for event functions, inspections and quick-fixes, support for shader files, and more.

Running and Debugging a .​NET Project in Rider — In this three-part series, learn what you can do with Rider's debugger and how it can help debug .​NET code as efficiently as possible.

Refactoring C++ Code — The recording of our August webinar is available along with useful links, further reading recommendations, and Q&As. The webinar covers general strategies and effective refactoring process, all of it using and explaining CLion's refactoring capabilities.

Exploring Reddit Source Code with PyCharm — Reddit decided to say goodbye to open source, so we took a look in the now archived version to see how it works.

Working with Ionic Apps in WebStorm — Find out how WebStorm can help you build mobile apps with Ionic: from starting the project and working with the code, to running and debugging the app right in the IDE.

Jump to Colors and Fonts in PhpStorm — The 'Jump to Colors and Fonts' action in PhpStorm will help you figure out where the color of this or that element in the editor comes from.

Using Live Templates in RubyMine — Learn how Live Templates can help you create frequently-used custom code constructs and quickly insert them in the editor.

Tips & Tricks for Efficient Learning in PyCharm Edu — This first post in our news series aims to make you more comfortable and excited while learning Python in PyCharm Edu. It covers learning methods and provides tip & tricks designed to help you learn more effectively.

Introduction Video to JetBrains MPS — MPS is a tool for building your own domain-specific languages (DSLs). A DSL expresses your domain processes and knowledge in a language that directly uses the concepts and logic from your particular field.

NPM Support in Upsource 2017.2 — The latest release of Upsource has extended the reach of JavaScript code intelligence by introducing support for npm and yarn package managers.

JIRA Workflows Support in Upsource 2017.2 — If you're using JIRA workflows and have code review as a part of it, Upsource can now apply issue transitions automatically.

Build React Apps with TeamCity — Learn about building a React application with TeamCity using one of the newest TeamCity features – Docker integration, introduced in TeamCity 2017.2 EAP1.

Introduction to JavaScript Workflows in YouTrack 2017.3 — The recording of our recent webinar is now available along with the questions and answers from the event. This webinar explored the new editor, demonstrated how to work with various types of rules and scripts, and shared real-life use cases.

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