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March 2018

YouTrack 2018.1

YouTrack 2018.1 introduces conditional custom fields, per-user localization, date-based swimlanes, and other improvements. We've also released a redesigned full-page view and checklists in markdown as experimental features.

Rider 2018.1 EAP

Rider 2018.1 EAP is here with neat enhancements for the Debugger tool window and the debugger itself, support for MyGet and VSTS credential providers, and the ability to edit project properties in .​NET Core solutions. Don't miss the many Unity goodies either, like the Unity logs tool window with hyperlinked stack traces, the Unity Explorer structure view, and Game View actions right inside Rider.

KotlinConf 2018

KotlinConf 2018 is coming to Amsterdam, Netherlands! The event takes place October 3rd-5th at the beautiful Beurs van Berlage in the city center. Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets are sold out, but regular admission tickets are now on sale as well as registration for pre-conference workshops. If you are interested in submitting a talk, please do so by April 20th.

JetBrains 2017 Annual Highlights

JetBrains 2017 Annual Highlights

Did you know that in 2017 JetBrains reached more than 5 million active users and had over 1,500 new individuals become customers every day? Dig into more tasty tidbits of information in JetBrains 2017 Annual Highlights.

Product News and Releases

Kotlin 1.2.30 is out with a new declaration in the standard library, which imitates the suspend modifier for lambda expressions, support for TestNG in kotlin.test, and Android modules in multiplatform projects.

TeamCity 2017.2.3 — Yet another TeamCity update fixes a few important performance problems, further improves security, and provides better integration with the Azure Container registry.

Rust and Fortran Plugins in CLion — While CLion's main focus is on C and C++, we offer multiple plugins that expand CLion's focus and make it a viable IDE for native development. Along with Kotlin/Native, announced at the end of 2017, we are now happy to share with you Fortran and Rust plugins. Both come with debugger support, and the Rust plugin adds Cargo support to CLion.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Catching up with JetBrains Rider in Munich, March 28th — An evening of Rider at JetBrains Munich office is just around the corner. Join us to hear about the latest Rider developments, gain new insights, and learn new useful tips and tricks.

Marten: Using Postgresql as a Document DB and Event Store, March 28th — Take this opportunity to learn how Marten's library allows .​NET developers to be more productive using Postgresql database as a fully ACID-compliant document database and event store. The webinar features Jeremy Miller, Director of Software Architecture at Extend Health, the author of StructureMap, Storyteller, and the lead developer of Marten.

Java 10 and IntelliJ IDEA, April 5th — In this webinar, Trisha Gee demonstrates features in Java 10 that will be useful to developers and shows how IntelliJ IDEA can help us use those features.

Everything You Need to Know About JetBrains MPS — Still asking yourself, "What is JetBrains MPS?" "What is a domain-specific language?" Or, "Why should I care?" We can show you the light. Join our April 19th event in Munich, Germany. Watch the trailer!

JetBrains Team is Coming to India — Members of the JetBrains Team will come to India in April. Our speakers will be giving talks in Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai on best practices when using IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains team tools, and about Kotlin development.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: March — It's time to share a quick update on what’s been going on in the JVM community over the last month.

Learning Resources

Rider 2018.1 EAP Debugger Updates — Dive into the new debugger features: Exception popup, improved Smart Step Into, third-party code can now be debugged using external symbol servers and SourceLink, displaying source code for return value locals, and the process username is displayed in the attach window.

NuGet Credential Providers in Rider 2018.1 EAP — Using your own or externally hosted NuGet repository? Or maybe a popular NuGet hosting solution such as MyGet or VSTS? Learn how Rider makes it easy to work with private feeds.

Value Tracking Updates in ReSharper 2018.1 EAP — Where's this value coming from? Where is that ref-return value being used? Why is there a NullReferenceException here? ReSharper is here to help you figure out things like those and many more.

How to Provide Stubs for PhpStorm — Read this blog post and learn about bundled PHP stubs, how to get started with your own stubs, and how to create a plugin that will attach an arbitrary stub set to any PhpStorm project.

Productive pytest with PyCharm — Brian Okken joined us for a webinar on pytest. If you'd like to become more productive with pytest, watch the webinar's recording on YouTube.

Developing the Basics: Programming Myself, Week Twelve — If you've just started your learning journey as a future Python developer, you may get a lot of fun and useful links from this developer ABC.

YouTrack Make It Workflow Series — Learn how to enhance time tracking functionality using workflows in Part 6: Tracking Spent Time and how you can use workflows to report and analyze time tracking data in Part 7: Generating Time Reports.

Early Access Program News

ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1 — This EAP kicks off with Code Analysis improvements, performance fixes, and Debug step filters in ReSharper C++.

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1 — The release is only a couple of weeks away. Get ready for better code analysis, debugger improvements, inferred visual annotations of the code, Android Studio 3.0 features, and partial Git commits.

CLion 2018.1 — The new build enables Valgrind Memcheck support for Windows users. It works via WSL and provides the same functionality as on Linux and macOS – catch memory errors and leaks right from the IDE.

PhpStorm 2018.1 — The public preview is here. Check out the new Inline function/method refactoring, easily refactor your code to correspond a functional style, generate a class together with the class methods from an existing test, and get support for assertions and custom JavaScript (ECMAScript 5.1) code that you can run upon receiving an HTTP response.

GoLand 2018.1 — The upcoming massive update of the Go IDE is now available for public preview. The update brings tons of improvements to the Go coding assistance as well as the integrated tools, and supported languages and frameworks.

WebStorm 2018.1 — The upcoming spring update brings integration with Prettier, an option to create new Vue.js projects from the Welcome screen, partial Git commits, and improved configuration for Yarn and npm.

PyCharm 2018.1 — We're approaching the release of PyCharm 2018.1, which will come with support for Python 3.7, code cells for data science, and Flask CLI support.

RubyMine 2018.1 — The beta build polishes a previously presented new static analysis core engine and greatly improves the overall performance of RubyMine.

DataGrip 2018.1 — In the latest EAP, you will find data editor SQL log, options for switching schemas; MariaDB support; external schemas in Redshift, and Virtual schemas in Exasol.

MPS 2018.1 — The feature-freeze version is now out with final features like the inclusion a of transformation menu for the property/reference, and SModel language enhancements.

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