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September 2018

ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2

ReSharper 2018.2 is now available! Check out the performance improvements, integrated spell checker, C# 7.3 support, initial Blazor support, navigation and formatter improvements, and much more.

ReSharper C++ 2018.2

ReSharper C++ 2018.2 introduces initial C++/CLI support, adds spell-checking and formatting inspections, and implements many new C++17 and C++20 features, including class template argument deduction, fold expression, and coroutines.

Rider 2018.2

Rider 2018.2 is here and brings with it publishing to IIS, Docker support in the debugger, built-in spell checking, code coverage and continuous testing on Windows, MacBook Touch Bar support, full C# 7.3 support, advanced Unity support, and better code completion.

Introducing JetBrains Marketplace

Introducing JetBrains Marketplace

Meet JetBrains Marketplace — a new platform and an evolution of the JetBrains plugins repository. It is designed specifically for those who develop third-party plugins compatible with JetBrains tools. An Early Access Program is already available, so be one of the first to join in and sell your plugins while taking advantage of our out-of-the-box licensing and billing solution.

Product News and Releases

Kotin/Native v0.9 — This version brings support for Kotlin 1.3 and in particular, unsigned types in Kotlinstdlib and C/Objective-C/Swift interop layer. Also, Kotlin/Native now supports a stable version of 'kotlin.coroutines'.

Code Rules in MPS — Code Rules in MPS are here to stay. This is a new technology that brings logic programming in the form of constraints processing for implementing type inference. Try it now.

TeamCity 2018.1.2 — This release contains over 100 fixed issues in various areas of TeamCity. The changes are mostly related to Kotlin DSL, performance, and security. TeamCity now also supports several read-only nodes running simultaneously.

ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.1 — All NUnit unit tests from a test fixture are no longer triggered when you run a single test, plus there are a few fixes for ReSharper CLT.

Rider 2018.2.1 — This update includes many hotfixes affecting connection to Perforce, NuGet authentication, Entity Framework support, and F5 behavior.

CLion 2018.2.3 — Clangd-based language engine was enabled on Windows by default, GDB on Windows got a workaround to run the app in the separate console in CLion, and automatic reload for compilation database projects was added.

GoLand 2018.2.2 — In addition to bug-fixes, the update adds support for Go modules in Go 1.11 Beta 3 and later, and a GOPROXY field for Go modules project types.

AppCode 2018.2.x — These updates added completion for Swift key paths, together with new intentions and many important fixes.

AppCode 2018.3 Roadmap — We continue to work on such issues as app extensions support in the debugger, and we plan to implement several new Generate actions for Swift.

YouTrack 2018 Q3 & Q4 Roadmap — Learn about the features lined up for development in the second half of the year including Jenkins integration and redesigned issues list.

Community and Events

.​NET Debugging Techniques from a Real-World Investigation — A service starts behaving in an unexpected way and it's up to you to save the day. Where to begin? Christophe Nasarre and Kevin Gosse explain in our free live webinar on September 25th.

Meet JetBrains C++ Team at CppCon 2018 — Our C++ team is returning to CppCon in Bellevue, Washington, for the largest annual event in the C++ development world as exhibitors, participants, and speakers. Learn about our scheduled talks and other opportunities to connect at the event.

MPS Day at MODELS — JetBrains MPS Day at the MODELS Conference in Copenhagen is set to take place October 16th. Get a €150 discount on the conference with the code “MPSINVITATION”. Check out the agenda.

Technological Highlights

PHP Annotated Monthly Returns! — The August edition recaps the exciting things happening in the PHP ecosystem. Read about new releases, PHP Internals, security, frameworks, tools, and best practices.

Java Annotated Monthly: September — We continue to update you on the state of affairs in the JVM community. In this September issue you'll learn about the upcoming JVM 11, Oracle's support model, the future versions of Java, upcoming events, and of course lots of technical and non-technical articles.

Explore the Developer World of 2018

Make new discoveries in just a few minutes. Navigate through the State of Developer Ecosystem 2018 Infographics.

Learning Resources

Production-Ready Go Service in 30 Minutes — Build a production-ready Go service in 30 minutes using a mix of the standard and a few popular libraries, then instrument it and deploy it using Docker.

Quickstart with Docker in PhpStorm — Start developing, running, and debugging your code in a matter of minutes with this video tutorial.

IntelliJ Rust Features: Macros — In a new series, we take a closer look at the key Rust-related features available in JetBrains IDEs through our corresponding plugin. The first post is dedicated to Macros support.

New Posts in Blog Series: 'Code Smells' and 'C# 7.3 in Rider and ReSharper' — This week in the Code Smells series, we look at null and how it presents us with an opportunity to improve our code. In C# 7.3 in Rider and ReSharper, we explore the fixed pattern and simplified access to fixed size buffer elements.

Live Templates and File Templates in Rider 2018.2 — Did you know you could edit live templates and file templates in Rider? Learn how they can help you be more productive.

NuGet and Unit Testing Improvements in Rider 2018.2 — Take a deep dive into all the improvements made to unit testing and NuGet support in Rider.

Formatter Comments in ReSharper and Rider 2018.2 — Dig into the code formatter improvements we've made in the latest ReSharper and Rider releases.

JSLint, ESLint, and TSLint in ReSharper and Rider 2018.2 — Both products come with code analysis and quick-fixes for JavaScript/TypeScript, and now we're extending the built-in code analysis rules with support for JSLint, ESLint, and TSLint static analysis tools.

Navigation Updates in ReSharper and Rider 2018.2 — Read about the recent improvements related to navigation and search.

Analyze Memory Allocation to LOH with dotMemory 2018.2 — dotMemory 2018.2 has a couple of neat improvements. First, we've stopped using Windows performance counters as a data provider and switched to Microsoft Profiling API. The second improvement is a new chart called 'Allocated in LOH since GC.'

Code Review Best Practices — Check out our screencast outlining some of the best practices that apply to performing code reviews. The practices themselves are tool-agnostic, but here we see how they can be applied in Upsource.

Make It Workflow — Part 10: Mastering Mailbox Integrations — In this post we show you a few techniques for extending your Mailbox Integration with workflows.

YouTrack Shortcuts to Speed up Your Day — Here's a list of our favorite YouTrack shortcuts that we use most often to speed up our issue tracking process.

Baking Boards, or the Secret Ingredient of Agile Cuisine — See how various teams at JetBrains customize their Agile boards to meet the team's needs and what strategies can be useful to become a real chef in the Agile kitchen.

TeamCity on Azure Marketplace — Some time ago we announced TeamCity Azure Resource Manager for TeamCity deployment in Azure cloud. Now we're pleased to provide the TeamCity offer in the Azure Marketplace for streamlined TeamCity setup.

New in TeamCity 2018.1 — Learn about these new features: Project-level NuGet feed, Enforced settings, and Inherited build steps configuration improvement.

Early Access Program

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 — Better project and IDE navigation, revamped plugin preferences page, Run Anything, multiline TODO comments, and VCS improvements.

PyCharm 2018.3 — PyCharm has started its EAP program for 2018.3. Use JetBrains Toolbox App to automatically stay up-to-date as new EAP versions are released.

PhpStorm 2018.3 — The first build delivers PHP-CS-Fixer support, simplified settings of quality tools, search variables during debugging, and Ctrl+Dot completion.

WebStorm 2018.3 — Try the new parameter name hints in JavaScript, structure view for test files, new Search Everywhere, and many other new features.

Kotlin 1.3 M2 — This milestone contains contracts which improve compile-time analyses, a bunch of new Standard Library functions for unsigned types, and reflection for coroutines.

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