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November 2018

Kotlin 1.3 is Out

In Kotlin 1.3 coroutines graduated to stable, making non-blocking code easy to read and write. The release also brings Kotlin/Native Beta that compiles Kotlin code directly to native binaries. The multiplatform capabilities of Kotlin now cover all supported platforms, and multiplatform libraries make everyday tasks easily portable. Learn more about other improvements from the official blog post.

Try JetBrains Datalore for Data Analysis

Datalore, an intelligent web application from JetBrains for data analysis in Python, reaches its public release. Explore datasets, build powerful predictive models, create rich visualizations and invite colleagues to get better insights.

Data Science Survey 2018

The results from our Data Science Survey 2018 are in. Get insights into the world of data science and use the raw data to make your own.

New Per-Usage Pricing Model for YouTrack InCloud Launches

The new per-usage pricing model for YouTrack InCloud has launched. As we've announced before, this model lets you pay exactly for the number of users or the amount of disk space that you need. The first three users are always free, so you start paying from the fourth user onward.

KotlinConf 2018 Recordings

KotlinConf 2018 Recordings are Here!

All of the videos from KotlinConf 2018 are now available online, along with the accompanying slides. Check them out on the KotlinConf website today.

Product News and Releases

Introducing the Azure Toolkit for Rider — Deploy web apps, explore resources on Azure, and more with this open source plugin.

GitHub Pull Requests Plugin for TeamCity — The GitHub Pull Requests plugin helps you build PRs in TeamCity when working with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.

GoLand’s EAP Gets Nightly Builds — The GoLand team will provide fresh builds based on the latest development code every day while the Early Access Program lasts. So, you no longer need to wait for further EAP builds announcements to try out the new features or most recent bug-fixes. Just open your Toolbox App and grab the latest version.

Upcoming Events

JetBrains Asia Tour — November's Asia tour is underway! Join our events in China, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Hanoi.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: November — This month's Java Annotated covers IBM buying Red Hat, why AdoptOpenJDK is the best place to get your JDK, a whole bunch of Kotlin articles and tutorials, and a mix of culture and community content that's relevant to developers.

PHP Annotated Monthly: November — Read about PHP 7.3.0RC4, the future of PHP and Zend Framework, PSR-18 standard accepted, RFC from Internals on preloading files, Async PHP, and some useful tools.

C++ Annotated: June – September 2018 — The new edition of our regular C++ Annotated shares our CppCon 2018 report, introduces a new section about C++ proposals that you can't miss, and articles about shared_ptr, std:: variant and overload sets, as well as a brief overview of the latest releases.

Raw Data from the Developer Ecosystem Survey 2018

Dig deeper into the data, draw your own conclusions, and glean additional insights from the answers of 13,000+ developers. Happy analyzing!

Learning Resources

Code Review Best Practices — Trisha Gee takes a step back to look at what we're trying to achieve with our code reviews, so we can maximize the value of the code review and minimize the pain. Learn more in this webinar recording.

The Serverless Developer Experience — Curious about AWS serverless and how its development experience feels with IntelliJ IDEA? The recording and detailed transcript of our recent webinar with Mike Deck are now available.

Refactor Now or Never — Watch the recording of our October 31st webinar featuring Dino Esposito.

Improved Inspections and Quick-Fixes in ReSharper and Rider 2018.3 EAPs — The latest EAP builds come with new and improved inspections, quick-fixes and context actions that help us write better C# code, faster.

CPU Profiling Tools in CLion — CLion 2018.3 EAP now comes with the CPU Profiler integration on Linux and macOS. With Perf on Linux and DTrace on macOS, you can now analyze the performance of your application (both kernel and user's code) right in the IDE.

Testing with Jest in WebStorm — Learn how you can streamline your testing workflow with Jest, the popular testing platform. Write, run, and debug tests, as well as perform snapshot testing and build coverage in the IDE.

Running Tests in RubyMine: Overview & Improvements — RubyMine comes with a testing suite for working with RSpec, Minitest, Cucumber, and more. Read this post to learn how to properly run your tests with RubyMine and use different handy testing features.

Refactorings in GoLand — GoLand provides a set of refactorings that greatly simplify the essential development tasks, helping you perform them more safely and quickly. Read this blog series to learn how to refactor efficiently.

Sharing Code Snippets in PhpStorm the Easy Way — PhpStorm comes with a number of code snippets in live templates, but you can grab more from GitHub or easily share your own.

Heavy Meta: A Streaming Series about MPS — The content is for beginners all the way through advanced users. MPS user or not, we can all agree that the name is awesome.

Early Access Programs

DataGrip 2018.3 — This release will bring Cassandra database support, generation of SQL files for the selected objects, 'Introduce table' alias intention action, and a better UI for page size setting.

GoLand 2018.3 — The upcoming release of GoLand 2018.3 reaches Beta. The Change Signature refactoring, debugging Google App Engine, support for Testify, exploring Go core dumps, and more are included.

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 — IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 Beta is now available for download with initial support for GitHub Pull Requests, support for Git submodules, Multiline TODO comments, better project and IDE navigation, and accessibility improvements.

MPS 2018.3 — Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end... Our last EAP for 2018.3 is over, and now is the time to focus on proper integration of the new features and fix bugs.

PhpStorm 2018.3 — Check out the public preview with new features including DQL support, deployment to multiple hosts, new intentions, PHP CS Fixer support, GitHub PRs and Git submodules, and Cassandra support in DB tools.

Rider 2018.3 — Find out what's new from the October EAP: launchSettings.json support, language injection updates, an assembly explorer and cross-platform .​NET decompiler, an integrated .​NET performance profiler, and a bunch of NuGet improvements.

TeamCity 2018.2 — Get this early preview build to see what's coming in TeamCity 2018.2. Installing and updating plugins without server restart, enforced build steps in templates, Pull Requests build feature, and more have made it into this EAP2 release.

WebStorm 2018.3 — Try WebStorm 2018.3 Beta with the improved Angular support, better autoimports in JavaScript, and debug for Node.js workers.

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