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April 2019

Major New 2019.1 IDE Updates Are Here

IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 is here with some brand-new themes and official theme customization, Java 12 Switch Expressions, debugging inside Docker containers, improved Build Tools support, and VCS goodies.

AppCode 2019.1 brings Swift 5 support, Move Statement for Swift, correct resolve for Core Data and Intents generated sources, the ability to attach to device process, application language and region support, and faster incremental builds.

CLion 2019.1 includes a 'starter pack' of features for Embedded Development, C++ refactorings become more accurate, and code highlighting has shifted to Clangd to make the editor more responsive. To help you follow your preferred coding style, CLion integrates with the well-known ClangFormat tool and provides support for various C/C++ naming schemes.

DataGrip 2019.1 introduces support for Snowflake, Hive, Greenplum, and Vertica. The new version also has a re-worked connection dialog and new inspections.

GoLand 2019.1 comes with built-in Memory, CPU, Mutex, and Block profilers, a debugger with Smart Step Into, Extract Interface refactoring, a Nilness Analyzer, and the option to download and install any Go SDK right from the IDE.

PhpStorm 2019.1 brings support for debugging Twig and Laravel Blade templates, improved autocompletion, locating dead code, and new refactorings & quick-fixes.

PyCharm 2019.1 comes with all-new Jupyter Notebook support, easier navigation with 'Recent Locations' for navigation, custom theme plugins, and much more.

RubyMine 2019.1 features major Docker updates, Ruby profiler, full Factory Bot support, and custom themes. Jump to the what's new page for details.

WebStorm 2019.1 offers new smart intentions that help you introduce destructuring and async functions to your JavaScript code, improved support for Angular, updated documentation for CSS and HTML, and a new, more powerful debug console.

YouTrack 2019.1

YouTrack 2019.1 introduces Favorite Agile Boards, Community-based Language Support, and other improvements.

JetBrains Begins Collaboration with Anaconda

JetBrains is starting a collaboration with Anaconda, Inc., the leader in Python data science, to make better tools for data science. Learn more in this blog post.

JetBrains .NET Day Online

JetBrains .NET Day Online is a free virtual event that takes place on Thursday, May 16, 2019. The event features six sessions by community speakers who will be covering a variety of .NET-related and other topics they are passionate about. Learn more and register today, as space is limited.

KotlinConf '19: Registration and Call for Papers Open

KotlinConf '19: Registration and Call for Papers Open

Join 1,500 passionate attendees and over 60 amazing speakers in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the Kotlin event of the year! The conference takes place December 4-6 at the Bella Center Copenhagen in the heart of Ørestad. The first two years of the event were sold out, so we encourage you to register early. If you are interested in speaking at KotlinConf, submit your paper by May 20, 2019. We hope to meet you there! Learn more about KotlinConf '19.

Product Releases and News

Toolbox App 1.14 — Reorder and rename installed tools inside the Toolbox App.

ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1 EAP Supports Visual Studio 2019 — Looking for a ReSharper Ultimate build compatible with Visual Studio 2019 RTM? We have something for you – ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1 EAP4.

CLion 2019.2 Roadmap — We would like to give our sincerest thanks to the most active 2019.1 evaluators and share our plans for v2019.2.

TeamCity Google Cloud Deployment — Learn how to deploy TeamCity to Google Cloud using the official Google Cloud Deployment Manager template.

JetBrains JK, Coming Soon? — JK stands for "Just Kidding" but our Twitter followers have better ideas. Check out our April Fools' Day post and have some fun reading the comments.

JetBrains and the JCP — JetBrains has been on the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee (EC) for nearly two years and was recently re-elected. In this post we summarize a bit of what we've seen so far, look forward into the future, and answer some common questions.

JetBrains is a Proud Sponsor of the ICPC — JetBrains is honored to receive the ICPC Foundation's Outstanding Global Service Award at the 2019 World Finals opening in Porto, Portugal. We are delighted to help drive excellence in education and programming.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

What's New in JDK 12 — In our May 2nd webinar, Mala Gupta will cover the features in Java 12 that are most interesting to developers, including the Switch Expressions, new String methods, and the updates to the Garbage Collection.

JetBrains Night Tel Aviv — Join us Monday, May 20, for our free event based around .NET and C++ development. Our speakers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

JetBrains Road Trip India 2019 — Join us this summer in Delhi (June 16) and Hyderabad (June 23) for JetBrains Road Trip India. Hadi Hariri, Mala Gupta, and Mikhail Vink will share tips and tricks for getting the most out of IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: April '19 — March was a big month! A new release of Java and a new release of IntelliJ IDEA. April's Java Annotated Monthly covers both of these topics and a huge amount more.

Learning Resources

TeamCity Configuration as Code Series — In this 5-part series, learn about some of the best practices of configuring TeamCity in code, using the Kotlin-based DSL.

Kotlin for Java Developers — Empower yourself with Kotlin knowledge! Check out our Coursera course "Kotlin for Java developers," which might be useful for you both as an introduction and as a deep dive, because it covers many pitfalls and corner cases. It was recently improved and updated based on your feedback.

Make it Workflow — Part 11: Updating Batches of Issues — The Make it Workflow series is back! In this post, we explain how to alter lots of issues in one go without touching the command dialog or sending any update notifications.

ReSharper C++ 2019.1 EAP: Performance Optimizations in UE4 Codebases — Faster cold startup times, better memory utilization, and new settings to tweak ReSharper's indexing behavior.

ReSharper C++ 2019.1 for Unreal Engine: Support for RPCs — Learn about UE4-specific Remote Procedure Calls support in ReSharper C++, which includes tuned code generation and code navigation actions.

ReSharper 2019.1 EAP Updates — Check out the upcoming changes in ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1 that includes exporting EditorConfig code styles, 'Optimize references' for SDK projects, and more.

Rider 2019.1 EAP Improvements — Get an overview of several improvements in Rider 2019.1: run static methods from the gutter, integrated IL Viewer, install SDKs (including Xamarin), and better theming.

Profiling Mono and Mono Unity Apps — Profiling goes cross-platform with dotTrace in JetBrains Rider. Read more on performance-profiling Mono and Mono Unity Apps on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Profiling Go Applications and Tests — Using Go can result in fast implementations. But not all algorithms are the same, and neither are all computers and operating systems. Find out how you can speed everything up using the profiling features built into GoLand 2019.1.

Nilness Analyzer in GoLand 2019.1 — Go gives us many ways to make the zero value useful, but the more opportunities we have, the easier it is to fall into a trap. Ever wondered if a piece of code will cause a panic at runtime? Or if the condition that you are reading is always true or false? Learn how our brand new Nilness Analyzer helps you find this out and more.

Get Started with Vue.js in WebStorm — Interested in trying Vue.js? Learn about the framework, how to create your first Vue.js app, and how WebStorm can help.

Creating Custom Themes for IntelliJ Platform IDEs — Beginning with 2019.1 release, 3rd party themes can be created and distributed easily. Learn more and follow our guide to create your very own theme.

Early Access Programs

ReSharper 2019.1 — This EAP comes with VS2019 RC support, initial C# 8 support, lots of performance optimizations for UE4 codebases, and initial support for .NET Core 3.0 in dotMemory.

Rider 2019.1 — Publish for ASP.NET Classic web apps, IIS Express support, Rename refactoring for F# symbols works across the solution, IL Viewer, and breadcrumbs support C# files.

TeamCity 2019.1 — Check out EAP2 for the GitLab merge requests support, improved scalability options, and log out of all sessions.

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