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October 2021

We've started our new release cycle, which means that the Early Access Program is now open. It lets you be the first to test out our new features and improvements before they go live in the upcoming major release of IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3. You can see all the EAP-related blog posts here.

Check out our pre-release builds with the Problems View, a new tool window for managing all potential issues, a new UI for the Debug tab, and support for .NET 6 SDK. This build also has support for Apple silicon chips, UWP debugging, and improvements for Unity and SQL injections.

MPS 2021.2 provides a spell-checking mechanism, an automatic completion popup, VCS enhancements, and much more.

Try the new Free plan at JetBrains Academy! As an individual learner, you'll get unlimited access to the free tracks while taking advantage of the platform's features.

Kotlin 2021 Premier Online Event

Get a glimpse into the future of Kotlin and how it removes barriers between ideas and working code. You will hear updates from the Kotlin team and news about the whole Kotlin ecosystem. Join us live on October 19!

Product and Community News

TeamCity 2021.1.4 →
This bugfix release brings over 20 improvements, including support for OpenSSH keys, fixed email notifications, and removal of the obsolete Let's Encrypt root certificate from the TeamCity Docker images.

KotlinDL 0.3 →
KotlinDL 0.3, the high-level deep learning API in Kotlin, is out. ONNX integration, an object detection API, 20+ new models in ModelHub, and many new layers have been added.

Find Your Way Through Space With Personalized Navigation →
Learn how you can use the new Personal Navigation sidebar to quickly access all the resources you care about. Pin your favorite documents and keep track of important updates right from the Space sidebar.

Find the Java Track That's Right for You →
Introducing our 5 new Java tracks on JetBrains Academy. Tailored to your proficiency level and goals, they can help you cultivate new programming skills or expand your knowledge in specific areas.

What's New in Python 3.10 →
Python 3.10 was released in October. In this video, Nafiul Islam is joined by core Python developers and library maintainers to discuss what's new and how to use it.

Early Access Program

CLion 2021.3 →
The EAP opened with the new debugger views and easier toolchain and environments configuration. The biggest improvement is the new Docker toolchain that helps resolve many code synchronization issues by simply mounting the project folder into the container.

DataGrip 2021.3 →
This EAP version introduces the aggregate view in the data editor, the option to use independent editors for the same table, Kerberos authentication, and the ability to map a DDL data source to a real one.

DataSpell EAP 19 →
The second EAP build which includes several major improvements, including Jupyter variables, workspace interpreters, and diff for notebooks. In addition, PyCharm now includes DataSpell support for local notebooks out of the box.

GoLand 2021.3 →
GoLand 2021.3 EAP has started with native support for Go projects in WSL 2, postfix templates for string-to-number conversion, and the ability to hide object types in the Debug tool window.

PhpStorm 2021.3 →
The upcoming major PhpStorm release will include full support for PHP 8.1, many improvements for generics, new options for deployment, and an updated debugger interface.

PyCharm 2021.3 →
Try out the new features coming in the next release, including the new Jupyter Notebook experience and FastAPI project type.

ReSharper 2021.3 →
This EAP build includes support for Visual Studio 2022 Preview, updates for C# 10 features, and improved Copy Code Reference action. You will discover sampling data about memory allocation based on ETW events in dotMemory, and other updates in our family of .NET tools..

ReSharper C++ 2021.3 →
We begin the EAP program with support for Visual Studio 2022, inspections to help you modernize your code to C++20, and evaluation results in Quick Info.

RubyMine 2021.3 →
Check out the latest features: bundled RBS for better code assistance, new inspections for type checking, new capabilities for working with RBS, and initial support for Sorbet.

WebStorm 2021.3 →
Try out the latest improvements, such as better running and debugging experience, and a new Bookmarks tool window.

TeamCity 2021.2 →
EAP3 brings over 70 improvements and fixes, including two-factor authentication, support for JetBrains Space merge requests, running personal builds on changes in Perforce shelved files, and the new Change page in the Sakura UI.

Technology Highlights

C++ Annotated Monthly, Sept '21 →
In this edition we talk about papers voted into C++23, enable_if vs requires benchmark tests, discussions around ABI breakage and MSVC, the SonarLint plugin for CLion, and the CppCon program.

Data Engineering Annotated Monthly, Sept '21
Monthly refresh on data engineering news and announcements.

Java Annotated Monthly, Oct '21 →
Get up to date with the recent Java 17 release news and other topics from the Java ecosystem.

.​NET Annotated Monthly, Oct '21 →
In October's .NET Annotated, we're featuring desktop apps. But tune in for .NET news, articles, tips and tricks about Blazor, Dappr and microservices, C# language features, and ASP.​NET.

PHP Annotated Monthly, Sept '21 →
PHP 8.1 has reached the first release candidate and more discussions are taking place in PHP internals regarding three more proposals for PHP 8.2. As usual, we've carefully selected a collection of articles, tools, videos, and streams for you.

Video and Podcast Series

JS Roundup: Episode 03 →
Ebenezer Don and Paul Everitt gather the most interesting news from the world of JavaScript, covering Deno 1.14, Meteor 2.4, Svelte updates, and more.

Coffee Club: Staying Ahead of the Curve →
JetBrains Java advocates talk about staying ahead of the curve. In an ever-changing industry, we often feel like we're constantly behind. How do we keep up with all the changes while meeting our project's goals?

Talking Kotlin: Teaching Coroutines →
We sit down with Mohit Sarveiya, Google Developer Expert in Kotlin and Android, to talk about everything coroutines.

Early Access PyCharm: PyCharm and VCS II →
There is a new VCS team lead. Nafiul Islam talks to Nadya and Dmitriy about what happened and how are they working to make our version control system even better.

Webinars and Online Events

Build Whack-a-Mole in 1 Hour, Oct 26 →
Join our free live webinar for JavaScript beginners featuring Ania Kubow, software developer and content creator on YouTube and freeCodeCamp.

Profiling and Fixing Common Performance Bottlenecks →
Watch the recording of our webinar with Steve Desmond to learn about discovering, diagnosing, and remediating real-world examples of common performance issues.

Building an Online Ticket Store With Blazor WebAssembly →
Find out what it's really like to work with Blazor, starting from a new project and building up to a working tested app using many of the most important features.

IntelliJ IDEA + Space = Complete Environment for Collaborative Software Development →
Learn how Space and IntelliJ IDEA can be used together seamlessly to improve collaboration and communication in your team and organization.

Learning Resources

Discovering YouTrack: Dashboards & Workflows →
In this blog series, we introduce you to useful features inside YouTrack and show you how to use them effectively. Get insights on setting up YouTrack dashboards for executive overviews, team views, personal backlogs, and guest landing pages.

Java 17 and IntelliJ IDEA →
Java 17, the latest Long-Term-Support (LTS) release, is now available, bringing many useful new features. Our blog post goes into the details of two of them – Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching for switch.

Developing for ESP32 With CLion on Windows →
The video tutorial shows how to set up a project in CLion for ESP32 development on Windows, covering all the necessary steps in detail.

Testing With Rider for Unreal Engine →
Rider for Unreal Engine preview now supports an Unreal Engine Automation Testing framework. Run tests and inspect results in Rider's Unit Test tool window.

Advanced Git Workflow Tips for Rider →
Explore a few commands and workflows for some more advanced scenarios when working with a Git repository. You'll see how to perform the actions with terminal commands or from within Rider's UI.

Become More Productive With GoLand: Complete Interactive Courses →
Learn how you can use our interactive courses to master GoLand features and shortcuts. If you're migrating from another IDE, try the Onboarding Tour.

Building a Plugin for WebStorm – Tutorial for JavaScript Developers, Part 1 →
Where do you start if you want to build a plugin for WebStorm? Is it even possible if you don't know any Java? We'll try to answer these and other related questions by walking you through the process of building three plugins for WebStorm. Read the blog post to find out how we built the first one.