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March 2019

JetBrains Academy EAP

Introducing JetBrains Academy – an educational platform for future developers. JetBrains Academy features Hyperskill, a project-based Java learning platform. Master programming by building real applications in an adaptive project-based learning environment. Work on applications from scratch, improving them version by version as you learn more and more. Use professional tools and work on the projects inside IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational.

Java Learning Topics 2018 Infographic is Live

Check out the results of the Java Learning Topics Survey conducted by JetBrains. In autumn 2018, JetBrains polled over 1,500 Java developers worldwide to identify their learning patterns and preferences.

Brighten up Your Day – Add Color to IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 will come with official support for custom themes! Add more color to your IDE - Try it now!

Happy 3.14 Day!

Let's get a bit philosophical today on Twitter. Share your thoughts on what big life questions Pi could help us answer.

JetBrains 2019 Annual Report

JetBrains 2018 Annual Highlights

The United States continues to dominate as the country with the most active JetBrains customers. China's adoption continues to accelerate fast, making it a close second place. Dive into the facts and figures that made 2018 a banner year for JetBrains in our 2018 Annual Report.

Product News and Releases

YouTrack IE 11 Support — We are discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 11 beginning with YouTrack 2019.2.

TeamCity 2018.2.3 — This version brings an enhancement to our investigations auto-assignment. To avoid a wrong assignment in the case with flaky tests, you can choose to automatically assign an investigation only after a second failure. We resolved a few security problems and more than 70 other issues.

Upcoming Events and Webinar Recordings

JetBrains Road Trip Poland 2019 — JetBrains is coming to Poland March 26-28 with an event series focused on Java, Team Tools and Kotlin. Learn more and register now for our dedicated evenings in Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw.

JetBrains Night Moscow 2019 — On April 13, we're hosting a fun yet educational community event focused on Java, Kotlin, and web technologies. JetBrains experts will talk about the latest and greatest things that we've been working on, and how you can use them to your best advantage. Reserve your seat today on TimePad.

Master Python's Async Features with Async and Await — Asynchronous programming in Python is a hot topic, but hard to get into. Well-known Python speaker and trainer Michael Kennedy joined our PyCharm webinar series to walk us through it.

Remote Development with CLion — In this webinar, we took a look at some of the remote development topologies that developers work with, explaining how CLion supports them. In particular, we talked about remote GDB debug, WSL, and full remote development case, and ran a few demos on Raspberry Pi.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: March '19 — This month's edition covers a wide range of Java news, tutorials and tips, along with a bunch of articles on related technologies. Included is a dedicated section to celebrate International Women's Day.

PHP Annotated Monthly: February '19 — Check out the January and February editions of PHP Annotated monthly for useful links about PHP, tools, and interesting blog posts from community. Stay tuned for fresh March issue which is just around the corner.

C++ Annotated: October 2018 – February 2019 — Our latest issue looks back at recent C++ conferences, checks Committee news, discusses Modules, Coroutines, and std::format, and provides an overview of several interesting articles from the C++ world.

Learning Resources

Java 12 and IntelliJ IDEA — This blog post explains Switch Expressions introduced in Java 12 and its benefits. It also covers how IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 helps developers get started with it.

Abstraction and Encapsulation in TypeScript — We're continuing our WebStorm series on object-oriented TypeScript. You'll learn about implementing abstraction and encapsulation in TypeScript and what features the IDE has to help you with that.

New .phpstorm.meta.php Features — Learn how to extend PhpStorm "code awareness" capabilities with plain PHP.

Debugging with GoLand Blog Series — In our series about debugging with GoLand you'll learn: how to configure the debugger and the debugging session, how to control the debugger execution flow and configure breakpoints, what are some of the latest improvements in the upcoming 2019.1 version, and how to efficiently use Core Dump and Mozilla rr, a reversible debugger.

Extract Interface Refactoring in GoLand — Learn how the new Extract Interface refactoring can help you organize your code quicker when going from a single implementation to multiple implementations.

Intention Actions in RubyMine — JetBrains IDEs on the whole, and RubyMine in particular, provide you with a set of intention actions that can help you quickly fix code smells, improve code style, use language injections, and do other handy things simply by pressing Alt+Enter. Read more about intention actions in this blog post.

Writing Plugins for ReSharper and Rider — Let us guide you through getting started with developing ReSharper and Rider plugins and give you some basic advice on how to succeed with your plugin ideas.

Unity Performance Best Practices with Rider — Wouldn't it be nice if Rider could help with the one thing that all Unity developers care about – performance? Surprise! Of course, it can!

TeamCity and Plastic SCM: Full-Blown Automation to Deliver Faster and Better — In this guest blog post by Plastic SCM, learn how you can integrate Plastic SCM and TeamCity for automatic building and merging of feature branches.

Early Access Programs

AppCode 2019.1 — Adds initial Swift 5 support, brings long-awaited resolve fixes, adds Move Statement for Swift, and makes it possible to attach to a device process.

CLion 2019.1 — CLion takes the first step towards Embedded Development by adding into 2019.1 EAP OpenOCD debugger support and integration with STM32CubeMX.

DataGrip 2019.1 — Take the EAP for a spin and preview things like support for Greenplum, Vertica, and Hive databases, the possibility not to save the password at all, having drivers downloaded by just clicking Test Connection, and getting clipboard values suggested in the data editor's filter.

GoLand 2019.1 — A built-in profiler lets you profile your Go applications for CPU, memory, mutexes, and contention without leaving GoLand.

MPS 2019.1 — Our recent EAPs have brought in new features such as aggregated language detection and automatic type inference support for the new VAR macro.

PhpStorm 2019.1 — We continue adding new features and improvements for the upcoming release. Try out Laravel Blade templates debugging, brand new Unused Declaration Inspection, and the Recent Locations popup.

PyCharm 2019.1 — As we are working on PyCharm 2019.1, we'd like to invite you to try what we've worked on so far: all-new Jupyter Notebooks integration, parallel and concurrent testing with pytest, and Conda environment activation in the terminal.

TeamCity 2019.1 — The first EAP release of 2019.1 brings a revamped UI which comes with a new sidebar, the reworked Branches tab, expandable build rows, and a redesigned project overview page.

WebStorm 2019.1 — WebStorm 2019.1 adds more exciting new features: an intention that converts functions with Promise to async/await syntax, new docs and browser compatibility check for CSS, and lots of inspections for Angular apps.

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