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May 2019

ReSharper Ultimate, ReSharper C++, and Rider 2019.1 Updates are In

ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1 is here: C# 8 support, VS 2019 RTM support including async packages auto-load, code formatting updates, "Optimize References" for SDK projects, updated Go to Text, Mono profiling, and .NET Core code coverage on Unix.

Welcome Rider 2019.1: WinForms designer, Edit & Continue, unit test code coverage and continuous testing on Unix, C# 8.0 support, IL viewer, solution-wide Rename for F# symbols, and more.

ReSharper C++ 2019.1 delivers a significantly more responsive editor, better support for C++17 and C++20, more flexible integration with Clang-Tidy and ClangFormat, integration with Doctest, and many specific Unreal Engine features to help maximize your productivity when you are creating your games with UE4.

TeamCity Plugin Contest 2019

Create plugins for TeamCity and win prizes. Register, explore the learning materials, get some ideas for inspiration, and start working on a plugin. Submit a valid plugin and receive a guaranteed 1-year subscription to a JetBrains IDE your of choice!

Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin Becomes the Primary Language for Android

At the recent I/O conference, Google announced that AndroidTM development will become increasingly Kotlin-first. Many new APIs and features will be offered first in Kotlin. Read more about this in the Android Developers blog post.

Kotlin Census Report

Kotlin Census Report

Check out the results of the official Kotlin Census Survey 2018-2019. 4,300 developers shared their insights and feedback with us on how Kotlin fits into their world.

Product Releases and News

AppCode 2019.1 — Learn about what's new in Swift support, improved code resolution and navigation, new debug actions and settings, and IDE themes.

MPS 2019.1 — Style for Completion Menu, Static methods in BaseLanguage, Custom UI themes, and wait for it… our own Help Center.

Educational Products 2019.1 — Upgrade your IDEs for Education, enjoy the EduTools plugin v2.5, and create courses in Rust and JavaScript.

PhpStorm 2019.1.2 — This update includes the long-awaited support for executing Composer via Docker as well as bug-fixes and other improvements.

JetBrains 2019.1 Family Tools Update — Check out our blog post to learn more about what's new in each product in Toolbox 2019.1.

AppCode 2019.2 Roadmap — Lots of new features are planned including, Code Coverage and Markdown support for Swift documentation.

GoLand 2019.2 Roadmap — Let's go behind the scenes and have a look at our roadmap for 2019.2.

WebStorm 2019.2 Roadmap — Interested to know what the WebStorm team is up to? Check out the roadmap for the upcoming WebStorm 2019.2 release.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

JetBrains .NET Day Online — Our virtual .NET event with community speakers takes place on Thursday, May 16. Register now!

JetBrains Night Tel Aviv — Join us May 20 for our free event based around .NET and C++ development. We'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What's New in JDK 12 — Mala Gupta will cover the features in Java 12 that are most interesting to developers, including the Switch Expressions, new String methods, and the updates to the Garbage Collection. The webinar takes place on May 21.

42 PyCharm Tips & Tricks — Boost your PyCharm productivity with our May 28 webinar. Paul Everitt will share tips across all major features of the IDE.

Shifting Security from Right to Left — In our May 30 webinar, Brian Vermeer from Snyk is going to demonstrate how developers can identify and address potential security issues straight from IntelliJ IDEA.

A Deep Dive into the .NET Client for Elasticsearch Codebase — You're invited to our free live webinar on June 4 with Martijn Laarman.

JetBrains Road Trip India 2019 — This summer our team is visiting Delhi and Hyderabad. Learn how to get the most out of IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin.

Join Kotlin/Everywhere Global Event Series — JetBrains and Google are launching a global series of events to help support the community make learning and using Kotlin even easier. Find out how to get involved.

KotlinConf 2019 — This year's event takes place December 4-6 in Copenhagen, Denmark and registration is now open. Interested in speaking at KotlinConf? Submit your paper through May 20.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: May '19 — This month we have a guest section on security, the results of two developer surveys, and a culture and community section. This is in addition to our regular Java news, tutorials, and tips.

PHP Annotated Monthly: May '19 — May's PHP Annotated Monthly covers the latest news and provides an overview of accepted RFC proposals, tutorials, tools, and podcasts.

Learning Resources

New C# 8 Language Features Supported by ReSharper and Rider — Pun incoming! C# 8 is becoming more COOL! Matthias Koch blogged about new language features such as indices, ranges, and null-coalescing assignments in C# 8.

Edit & Continue, Just-in-time Debugging in Rider 2019.1 — One of the most requested features for the debugger is finally here!

Code Coverage on macOS and Linux in Rider 2019.1 — Rider now has code coverage on all platforms — Windows, Linux, and macOS. Here's how to use it.

UE4 Naming Convention and Completion for Reflection Specifiers — The third blog post in our series explains how ReSharper C++ helps with the Unreal Engine 4 naming convention and completion in reflection macros.

Quiz from C++ Russia 2019 — Our C++ team ran a quiz as an evening event on the first day of the conference. We've published the trickiest questions from the second part of this quiz and a detailed answer to each question.

Extract Variable Refactorings in IntelliJ IDEA — "I don't always refactor my code, but when I do, I do it safely — with IntelliJ IDEA's Extract Variable Refactorings." And so can you!

New Book: "Effective PyCharm" — Last week at PyCon US in Cleveland, we were honored to host Michael Kennedy and Matt Harrison at our booth for the announcement of their new book. Read more on our blog.

Working with GraphQL in WebStorm — Take a closer look at the updated JS GraphQL plugin and how it can help you work with GraphQL in your JavaScript apps.

How to Work with Docker/Docker Compose from RubyMine — RubyMine 2019.1 significantly improves Docker support. See this post for a detailed tutorial and all the improvements.

Make It Workflow, Part 12: Storing Data Between Workflow Runs — Learn how to collect data on various YouTrack activities over time.

Getting Started with TeamCity Plugins — This webinar recording introduces you to the ins and outs of plugin development for TeamCity: how to get started, where to find the docs and samples, what are the typical use cases, and where to ask questions.

Building a Snyk Plugin for TeamCity — Snyk is developing a TeamCity plugin to help users with automated vulnerability scanning. This series documents their story of building the plugin and gives tips to help others learn from their experience.

Configuration as Code, Part 6: Testing Configuration Scripts — The latest article in the "Configuration as Code" series goes over how to test your TeamCity configuration scripts.

Early Access Programs

TeamCity 2019.1 — Improvements for Amazon spot instances, build artifacts publishing options, Docker requirement for build agents, support for Go tests, and token-based authentication – all of these are introduced in this last EAP for TeamCity 2019.1.

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