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September 2019

Kotlin 1.3.50

We're happy to announce the release of Kotlin 1.3.50 with quality and tooling improvements, Duration and Time measurement API preview, an IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate plugin for Kotlin/Native debugging, and other updates. Learn more about the latest release.

Total Economic Impact™ of IntelliJ IDEA

This commissioned study by Forrester Consulting examined the potential financial impact a company can benefit from by adopting IntelliJ IDEA. Based on a sample of actual users, it concludes that IntelliJ IDEA makes developers more productive and enhances their code quality to the point that within 6 months it could have paid for itself. Over the three-year term, the Return on Investment (ROI) is a whopping 850%! Check out more details.

8 Steps to a Successful User Group

In this article, JetBrainers share their life hacks on creating and maintaining successful user groups.

Startup Discount Program: 50% OFF All JetBrains Products

Startup Discount Program: 50% OFF All JetBrains Products

If you are a small team working on a software product and your company hasn't yet celebrated its 5th birthday, you can apply for the JetBrains Startup Discount. Your 50% off startup discount will allow you to purchase multiple products and subscriptions for up to 10 unique users over a period of 60 months.

Product Releases and News

TeamCity 2019.1.3 — This update includes security and performance-related improvements. We've fixed more than 50 fixed issues, including file permission conflicts in the Docker Compose step, and an issue with builds not running for old and reopened pull request branches.

EduTools Plugin v2.9 — Benefit from the latest code insight improvements for YAML configs, configure placeholder dependencies on placeholder creation, enjoy fewer bugs, and use the 2019.2.1 IDE builds for PyCharm Edu and IntelliJ IDEA Edu.

GoLand 2019.3 Roadmap — We've decided that it's time to take a breath and look around. For this release period, our primary focus is on fighting bugs, glitches, unexpected behavior, and to eliminate anything confusing. However, we couldn't resist adding a little something new.

Security Notice: XSS Vulnerability Allowing RCE — A security researcher reported a vulnerability in TeamCity 2019.1 and 2019.1.1 that possibly allowed an unauthorized person to execute code remotely. The vulnerability was fixed in 2019.1.2. If you still use any of the affected versions, we recommend that you update to the latest version as soon as possible.

Discontinued Features in Upcoming YouTrack Releases — As we move forward in different directions, we have to leave some functionality behind. Find out which features will no longer be supported in our upcoming releases.

Improvements to CLion's Experimental Debugger for MSVC — When we initially launched the experimental debugger for the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain, it included lots of limitations. Now, many of them are fixed, including full support for call stacks on x64 systems, fixes for stepping and threads, and support for rendering many new STL types.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: September '19 — The Back to School edition of our monthly Java news roundup contains the usual mix of Java news (including the upcoming Java 13 release), tips and tutorials, and a culture section focusing on the value of reading and writing.

.​NET Annotated Monthly: September '19 — Catch up on the latest .​NET news featuring several .​NET Core 3.0 preview release items, as well as tips, tricks, and some excellent books.

PHP Annotated Monthly: September '19 — Find all the latest news from the world of PHP including Laravel 6, Monolog 2, and other releases, Union Types RFC, PHP Internals, tools, and podcasts.

Events and Webinars

10 Tools and Techniques Python Web Developers Should Explore, September 25 — Join our webinar featuring Michael Kennedy for a tour of modern Python-based web techniques and tooling.

Better Xamarin Development with Rider for Mac, October 8 — Dylan Berry will explore the various ways Rider can help you improve your coding speed and quality so you can ship faster. Save your spot at the webinar.

Everything You Need to Know About JetBrains MPS, October 10-11 — See what you can do with a Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) approach at our event in Amsterdam. Watch real-life examples of Domain-specific languages and see how much they increase their users' productivity.

Meet the JetBrains .​NET Team in Australia, October 15-22 — Next month our team is visiting Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Developer Advocates Matt Ellis and Maarten Balliauw will also be visiting NDC Sydney as well as several local events.

Kotlin/Everywhere Update — The community has hosted over 100 Kotlin/Everywhere events since this series began and the number will exceed 200 by the end of the year. Check out the recorded talks from Bengaluru or find an event near you to join on the global map.

Learning Resources

Help and Inspire, An Interview with Hadi Hariri — "Teach people, help people. Inspire them." These are the goals for developer advocates at JetBrains as envisioned by Hadi Hariri, Team Lead in Developer Advocacy. In this interview, we talked with him about practical ways of achieving that, measuring the results, and more.

Issues List Improvements In YouTrack — Learn about some of the improvements we've added to the experimental version of the page in our latest bug fixes.

Building Go Programs in TeamCity — This blog post explains how to build Go programs with TeamCity, using its Golang build feature.

Test Automation with TeamCity — Find out how TeamCity helps you better understand your tests' results, and how to use its advanced features such as code coverage, flaky test detection, metadata in tests, and reordering of risk group tests.

GoLand 2019.2 Features that Make Debugging Easier — Debugging a golang application or test doesn't need to be complex or time-consuming. Learn how GoLand 2019.2 helps you quickly and efficiently isolate bugs, view application data, and understand your code using function call support and more.

Using TypeScript to Check Your JavaScript Code — Do you want to give TypeScript a try but you're not yet ready to migrate your project to it? Learn how you can use TypeScript to check your JavaScript code and even use quick-fixes TypeScript provides.

An Introduction to TDD — Why bother writing tests first? Find out in the recording of our webinar, TDD and the Terminator - An Introduction to Test Driven Development, featuring Layla Porter.

From F# to JavaScript with Fable — The recording of our August 20 webinar with Florian Verdonck is now available.

Debugger Additions for Rider 2019.2 — Have a look at some debugger updates in Rider: Pin to Top, Floating Actions, and Redesigned Stack Frames.

Cloud Shell Web Preview, Debug Individual Azure Functions, Explore ARM — Learn about the latest Azure Toolkit for Rider: Cloud Shell Web Preview, debugging individual Azure Functions, and exploring resource groups and deployments.

What's New in dotCover 2019.2 — With the latest dotCover 2019.2 comes a cross-platform console runner. Let's look at code coverage for some unit tests targeting .​NET Core and Mono, on Mac.

Online Learning: How One Developer Went from Beginner to Pro — People get into programming in different ways. Some begin learning it in school, some go to university to study Computer Science, while others get started with online courses – like Zina Smirnova, now a member of the Educational Products development team at JetBrains. We talked with Zina to find out more about her professional path.

Early Access Programs

TeamCity 2019.2 EAP — The first EAP release of TeamCity 2019.2 comes with support for Amazon launch templates, code highlighting for scripts of the most popular build runners, improvements to the new UI, multinode setup and Docker integration, and various fixes.

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