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March 2014 Edition
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PhpStorm 8.0 EAP is Open

PhpStorm 8 EAP is Open

PhpStorm 8 EAP is open with the first build bringing Multiple Selection in the editor, Source & Test directories for PHP, Drupal 8 support, improved formatting of chained calls, and much more. Learn more and download PhpStorm 8 EAP.

Deployment with PhpStorm: Wednesday, March 12th — In this webinar, Maarten Balliauw will be talking about PhpStorm's deployment options, mapping, application code synchronization, and much more. Register now and join us March 12th at 15:00 GMT.

WebStorm 8.0 Beta is Now Available

ebStorm 8.0 Beta is Now Available

WebStorm 8 is already available in beta version. It's major new features include improved AngularJS support, spy-js tracing tool, and multiple carets and selections in the editor. Learn more about WebStorm 8.0 Beta.

Node.js Development Workflow - Learn the basics of working with Node.js web projects in this WebStorm webinar recording! Our guest Adron Hall shows how you can run and debug a Node.js app and test it with Mocha. Watch Node.js Development Workflow in WebStorm.

Software Startups: Get 50% OFF JetBrains Tools!

Software Startups: Get 50% OFF JetBrains Tools!

Starting a software business? Looking for professional tools to keep it going? We have a special offer for you. Sign up for JetBrains Startup Discount Plan and get a 50% discount on all of our products. Learn more about JetBrains Startup Program.

Help us Improve our Learning Content with This Survey

Please Take our Screencasts and Courseware Survey

Delivering quality content is important to us. Take our short survey and help us focus on what matters to you. As a token of our appreciation for your time, we will be raffling three $100 Gift Certificates. Continue to Screencast and Courseware Survey.

»  AppCode 2.5.5 Update

Check out the new AppCode 2.5.5, a bug-fix update that improves compatibility with the latest Xcode beta releases, and naturally comes with a number of various fixes.

»  MPS 3.0.4

While the team is steadily working on new and cool features for future MPS versions, they haven't stopped fixing the problems that are bugging you in the existing one.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

ReSharper for C++ EAP Goes Public - Public Early Access Program for ReSharper with C++ support is now available. Builds are currently expected to work with C, C++03 and parts of C++11 with most Boost libs, on code bases up to 40 MB.

dotCover 2.7 EAP Begins - This EAP build brings integration with ReSharper 8.2 EAP and Standalone runner. Now you can perform coverage analysis and open snapshot directly via dotCover standalone application without opening Visual Studio.

RubyMine Hinoki EAP Opens - Early Access Program is now open for the next RubyMine release and brings support for Spring, Slim 2.0., AngularJS, and more.

Postfix Code Completion in IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 EAP - Introducing Postfix code completion, a new kind of completion that will take your productivity even further.

Try Chronon Debugger with IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 EAP - The upcoming release brings integration with the revolutionary Chronon Debugger. Chronon is a commercial tool but is completely free to use with IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 Ultimate!

Working with Multiple Selection in PhpStorm 8 EAP - Multiple Selection, the most up-voted feature in our issue tracker, is already available in PhpStorm/WebStorm 8 EAP, and coming to all IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs very soon.

Learning Resources and Webinars

Functional Programming with Java 8, March 26th - Join Dr. Venkat Subramaniam for this very special webinar. Using multiple examples during this live coding session, we will explore the strengths and benefits of the new Java 8 language features.

Use AppCode to Develop for the Pebble Smartwatch, March 31st - The first-ever AppCode webinar dedicated to app development for the Pebble Smartwatch, one of the few available smart wearables with a broad user base. Learn how AppCode can help you to integrate your service with this exciting gadget.

ReSharper Secrets Video and Q&A - In this session, you will learn about ReSharper hidden gems, powerful annotations and 3rd party plugins to help you become a true ReSharper ninja!

dotMemory 4: What's Inside - Explore the new dotMemory 4 memory profiler. Learn how easy it is to use dotMemory to find and solve memory issues.

Hands-on PhpStorm Workshop Materials - These materials cover many of the features and productivity tools in PhpStorm. Check out the code and enjoy practical exercises in your IDE.

Multi-Level Agile Boards in YouTrack - Is it possible to configure multi-level agile boards in YouTrack, and does it support epics? The short answer is yes. Read on to learn more.

GitHub right in your IDE - In this AppCode blog post, you'll learn that there's no need to jump between your IDE and browser when everything can be done in one place.

What's New for Plugin Authors in IntelliJ IDEA 13 - The team takes a break from covering the latest features and gives you an overview of notable changes in the Plugin DevKit.

What's New for Web Development in IntelliJ IDEA 13 - JetBrains continues to provide the best tools for all web developers, no matter what language or technology they're using. This post highlights the new web development features.

News, Events, and Other Coverage

Chatting with Nathan Adams and Erik Broes of Minecraft - Take a leisurely read through our informal interview with Nathan Adams and Erik Broes of Minecraft. The interview covers a wide range of topics from the informative to the entertaining.

From Chaos, through Fear, to Confidence (pdf) - In this white paper endjin, a JetBrains Training and Consulting Partner, shows the next phase in Recruitment Genius' life, from start-up to SME.

Visual Studio and ReSharper Seminar in Malmö - Edument will be conducting an after-work seminar April 23, 2014, in Malmö, Sweden. Learn how to work efficiently within Visual Studio and enhance its features by using ReSharper.


Did you Know?

The RubyMine team uses Japan for inspiration when choosing code names for major new releases.

Meet Edument,
JetBrains Training and Consulting Partner

Meet Edument, JetBrains Training and Consulting Partner
Edument AB focuses on .NET, Java, Android, Perl and web development offering in-house services, high-profile specialist consulting, and mentoring and training of developers.
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» Fluent Conference, Mar 11-13
» PhpStorm Webinar, Mar 12
» NSConference, Mar 17-19
» MobileTech, Mar 18-19
» IntelliJ IDEA Webinar, Mar 26
» AppCode Webinar, Mar 31
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