YouTrack Essentials

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What is this event about?

This is an online demo day where you can see YouTrack in action. You’ll get an overview of how to manage your tasks and projects easily, keep a public or internal Knowledge base, work with your team’s Agile boards, use time tracking effectively, and see what’s going on with reports and dashboards in YouTrack.

At this event, you'll see real examples of how JetBrains YouTrack can organize your teamwork in any environment – while working from home or from multiple offices, or just for one location.

We’ll show you how YouTrack can be used as a tool that goes far beyond IT practices, and how it can become a valuable part of your daily work life.

Who is this event for?

YouTrack is widely used by both IT and non-IT companies of all sizes – from startups to large enterprises by teams that deal with project management and collaboration.

We will share real examples of how YouTrack can be useful for everyone in IT Teams, Customer Support, Product and Project management, marketing and design, HR, legal, and administrative teams.

There really is something here for everyone. New users will get a thorough introduction to YouTrack for getting started, experienced users can get up to speed on all the latest developments, including Knowledge Base. Those of you in management roles will be able to see examples of how YouTrack can be implemented to help manage and organize diverse teams. And if you haven’t tried YouTrack yet, this is a great opportunity to get a full demonstration of all its capabilities and see how it can be adapted to your team’s needs!

Speaking to you

Elena Pishkova

Lena joined JetBrains in 2019 and has more than 15 years of marketing leadership experience in the IT, Telecom, and FMCG industries. She now leads YouTrack marketing projects.
Anastasia Bartasheva

Anastasia joined JetBrains in 2017 and has more than 6 years of software development and technical support experience, including leadership activities. She is now responsible for YouTrack customer-facing processes.