Working from home: Challenges faced by project managers in Southeast Asia

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The current situation has forced companies to temporarily close their physical offices and have their staff “work from home”. The concept of remote work may not be new, but this could be the first time it has been put to practice by companies in Southeast Asia.

As “work from home” becomes the new normal, how do teams continue to manage tasks and projects with their members working remotely? How do remote managers ensure remote teams are sticking to deadlines to ensure tasks are completed on time? Are there tools available to ensure productivity for both IT and non-IT companies?

Join our panel discussion with project managers from Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia, who will be sharing how the recent changes from “working in the office” to “working from home” have impacted their project management practices and how they adapted them to this “new normal”.

The panel discussion will be followed by a YouTrack tips and tricks session, where you'll see real examples of how JetBrains YouTrack can organize your “work from home” teams. We’ll also show you how YouTrack can be used as a tool that goes far beyond IT practices and could become a part of your daily work life.

Speaking to you

Aaron Koh

Aaron Koh joined JetBrains as SEA Channel Representative in 2018. Aaron has been in the IT industry since 2001. He started out as an IT journalist in well-known tech publications, moved on to the communications sector, and ended up in IT channel sales. His years in the IT industry have given him invaluable insight into the broader communication process and the IT industry's channel ecosystem.
Audrey Lim

Audrey Lim is a Senior Tech Project Manager at Rapid River, a remote-first tech consultancy in Kuala Lumpur. She and her team are responsible for the delivery of various ongoing projects at Avvo, a US-based online marketplace for legal services and information. She has been in the company for a year and a half and is passionate about building happy teams and delivering value to clients.

Elena Pishkova

Elena joined JetBrains in 2019 and brings more than 15 years of marketing leadership experience in the IT, Telecom, and FMCG industries. She now leads the YouTrack global marketing strategy.

Anastasia Bartasheva

Anastasia joined JetBrains in 2017 and has more than 6 years of software development and technical support experience, including leadership roles. She is now responsible for YouTrack’s customer-facing processes.