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February 2014 Edition
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JetBrains Software Earns Rave Reviews

JetBrains Award-Winning Software

WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper have all been recognized as leaders in recent award programs. In January, WebStorm was our first product awarded this calendar year winning InfoWorld's 2014 Technology of the Year. The full review can be found here.

IntelliJ IDEA Wins Jolt Productivity Award; ReSharper a Finalist — Dr. Dobbs announced their annual Jolt Awards for coding tools, recognizing the past 12 months of advancements in the tools used for creating, testing and debugging code. Read all about it.

TeamCity 8.1: Give it a URL, Give it a Try

TeamCity 8.1: Give it a URL, Give it a Try

TeamCity 8.1 simplifies server and project setup, adds Visual Studio 2013 support and improves the REST API. Learn what's new in TeamCity 8.1.

Continuous Deployment with TeamCity - In modern software development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are integral parts of the process. Did you know TeamCity offers all of the features you'd expect from a mature Continuous Deployment platform? Continue here for more information.

YouTrack 5.1: Help Desk Support and @mentions

YouTrack 5.1 - Help Desk Support, @mentions and more!

Involve your customers in the tracking process without registering a new user account in YouTrack. Archive the projects you no longer work on. Mention a user by @username. Enjoy RTL support and per project notification templates. Learn all about YouTrack 5.1!

Using YouTrack as a Help Desk - With YouTrack 5.1 you can now use the issue tracker as a help desk system without the necessity of creating user accounts for your customers. See this blog post for step-by-step configuration instructions to set up your help desk project in YouTrack. Get started now.

»  PyCharm 3.1

This minor update of our intelligent Python IDE is still full of new features. PyCharm now supports Python 3.4 and Django 1.6, and offers refined Google App Engine support.

»  PhpStorm 7.1.2

The latest PhpStorm bug-fix update includes a bunch of major improvements from PHP, web and platform sides. Learn more about the latest improvements and see the release notes.

JetBrains Early Access Program News

ReSharper 8.1.1 Goes EAP - ReSharper 8.1.1 Early Access Program expands TypeScript support with quick-fixes, navigation combos and more.

IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 EAP Started - IntelliJ IDEA opens Early Access of its next update, version 13.1 and already includes improvements for Groovy, Spring and AngularJS.

TeamCity & YouTrack Bundle - We are currently working on a bundled solution containing TeamCity and YouTrack as a single download package with preconfigured integration between the two systems and many more features.

Learning Resources and Webinars

Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA as an Eclipse User - RebelLabs have published a report on their experiences with IntelliJ IDEA. This report highlights the differences that an experienced Eclipse user faces when moving to IntelliJ IDEA.

Hardcore .NET webinars; Hidden gems of ReSharper & bad-ass memory profiling!
* Discover ReSharper Secrets - Let Igal Tabachnik take you “behind the scenes” of ReSharper and show you how powerful annotations and 3rd party plug-ins can help you become a true ReSharper ninja. Thursday, February 13th, 15:00 GMT.
* dotMemory 4.0: What's Inside - Join Maarten Balliauw to see what dotMemory 4.0 will look like, learn how it can help you in your everyday work and find out what took us so long to update our .NET memory profiler. Tuesday, February 25th, 15:00 GMT.

Node.js Development Workflow in WebStorm - Join Adron Hall for our webinar on Node.js development in WebStorm. Adron will give tips on Node.js project configuration, debugging and testing. Thursday, February 20th, 18:00 GMT.

Introducing WebStorm Video Tutorials - Enjoy these 10 WebStorm courseware videos highlighting the key features and workflow by John Lindquist.

Refactoring Legacy Code with PhpStorm - Mathias Verraes starts from a piece of code that is messy and uncovered by tests. Using PhpStorm's automated refactoring tools, the code is gradually cleaned up, moved around, and brought under test.

Python for the C# Developer - Learn about some of the loved things from C# that can be accomplished in Python and how it is done: Lambda expressions, foreach loops, rich class library, iterators and more.

News, Events, and Other Coverage

JetBrains C++ IDE Status Update & Video - JetBrains C++ IDE private preview is just around the corner. For now we want to update you on the current state of its development and show you a video preview.


Did you Know?

At least one ReSharper user is working with an 8-monitor setup.

A JetBrains Customer

Meet SYSTEMATIC, A JetBrains Customer
SYSTEMATIC is a global IT Solutions provider with its headquarters located in Denmark. Learn how they are using ReSharper, IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity.
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» ReSharper Webinar, Feb 12
» Developers Summit, Feb 13-14
» WebStorm Webinar, Feb 20
» PHP UK Conference, Feb 21-22
» ConFoo, Feb 24-28
» dotMemory Webinar, Feb 25
» Fluent Conference, Mar 11-13
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